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  1. light dasher

    Tangle the Lemur

    light dasher submitted a new resource: Tangle the Lemur - IDW's Cute Lemur is here to swing about! Read more about this resource...
  2. light dasher

    Honey The Cat

    light dasher submitted a new resource: Honey The Cat - Honey the Cat from Sonic Fighters is here! Read more about this resource...
  3. light dasher

    Cacee "Kiwi" Cactus! (KC_CaceeKart-v1.pk3) (+Milne)

    light dasher submitted a new resource: Cacee "Kiwi" Cactus! (KC_CaceeKart-v1.pk3) (+Milne) - Cacee Cactus, but now with a car! or a fox? Read more about this resource...
  4. light dasher

    Cacee "Kiwi" Cactus -v1.2

    Cacee "Kiwi" Cactus! Cacee "Kiwi" Cactus is here from Mirage Saloon Zone! She used to be a bandito, but she's given up her days of crime... mostly. Cacee is a cute lil cactus rabbit made by yours truly, she might look cute but she packs a mean punch, she's also the first proper character...
  5. light dasher

    Looking for someone to give the final push for Honey

    Hello all, me and some friends have been working on making a Honey character for the last few months, she's very close to completion, she was designed to be a Battlemod first character, Vanilla second, so she's designed around the mechanics of those specific game modes. I kind of went with this...
  6. light dasher

    [Reusable] Nero Cladius, HASHIRE SORI YO (cl_padoru.wad)

    Hello fellow friends, today I present to you, my first character wad since my return, ahah! Padoru It's a bit of a joke wad of course, but she's still a fully playable, fully functional character. So Padoru, Umu, Nero Claudius, Red Saber she's here in SRB2, so what can she do? Whenever...
  7. light dasher

    [Character] Tangle & Tangoodle are here to race! KC_LD-Tangles

    Hello again friends! If you've been around the SRB2 Discord or on my twitter you're probably aware that I'm in the works with making Tangle! Uh, sorry that's uh, not this one, please be patient! But to tie you over! And also because these are fun to make, we have Tangle and her trusty...
  8. light dasher

    [Reusable] Alert! Red Fang in the base! CTF_2fort [F_SRB2fortLD-v2]

    Hello friends! It has been a very, VERY, long time since I last posted here, over 10 years ago infact! I did originally want to make my first repost here Lightdasher-Reborn! but characters take longer to make than levels in my opinion. So this is actually my first level I've made in a...
  9. light dasher

    Wow a new version, lets play--ohwait it's not working

    Hello people, I have returned on new's that a new release has been made, well, I just downloaded and installed it just a few minutes ago, I was excited to see what new things are in this version, so, I clicked it to run.......the game runs!....only that my moniter wont display it (this error is...
  10. light dasher

    Sega Re-Tradmarks Sonic Shuffle.

    Could it mean nothing, or a possible port/sequel? To be honest, I didn't 100% Sonic Shuffle, though it had it's good points and bad points, but would a sequal/port be good? Would you want possibly Hudson who did the original, to make a Wii...
  11. light dasher

    Soul Calibur 4

    Has anyone got this or played this? made any characters? I have, eheee, I have the Xbox version so.... What about you what have you made, or how did you find that game?
  12. light dasher

    Beijing Olympics

    It's August now, and only 7 days away from the Olympics Which is in China, Just a little topic to talk about what you like to watch or if you do any Olympic sports? Personally, I like watching the fencing, swimming and athletics, what about you?
  13. light dasher

    Friend Codes

    I had a look through a couple of forums and couldn't find a friend code topic sorry if there already is, but it's not like you just PM some random person for there friend code now is it? Here's my Star Fox Command one 855 751 088 141
  14. light dasher


    Ok so you should know about SAGE, Wich is comming next month, anyone gonna enter anything in it? or have they already? also for those who don't know what SAGE is, and the SAGE site So discuss
  15. light dasher

    SAW: Sonic At War Team

    Now I'm sure you've heard of SAW I blab on about it at every opportunity, it's a 2D Match/ctf/tag mod, But the thing is, It's a one man team (Does sonic freak count as a part of my team?) But I'm starting to run out of ideas of levels, characters I'm ok with, I just need help with levels Here's...
  16. light dasher

    SRB2 1.1 Video Discussion

    Since there isnt a topic about this I thought I should start it, As some of you know, there is a SRB2 1.1 Video Preview : Uh I just wanna discuss on whats in the video, so Yay upside down, water slides swings and other stuff ^.^
  17. light dasher

    Light Dasher's High speed mod

    Hihihihihiiiii!!!!! =P Yes, I'm having my turn at this now, F-Zero Style, I havent got a name for my Mod yet, but F-Zero Blast Comes to mind, right now I've only made a soc and The Blue Falcon, My soc is kinda strange but it keeps you moving, it gives you a accelerate and deccelerate by using...
  18. light dasher

    Can they do that? uses SRB2 sprites and other things, did he/they get your permission?
  19. light dasher

    Want an idle pose for you character? (idlepose.soc)

    Basicly this is a simple soc, it just cycles through the idle pose quickly, so it's stand, idle 1, idle 2, idle 1 -back to stand I dunno, it could be used somewere, just ask me if you use it Download: Also this is my third soc, i might do another one later...
  20. light dasher

    Wanna Break From Models?(BlazeAlpha1.wad)

    want a Break from all those models but want a descent wad? well i can't supply you with one yet as it is not finished, it is a early beta and i was e-mail flooded with requests of blaze wad (can you supply me a link to blaze that isn't broken) ect. here's the download link...