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  1. HajimeEl64

    SRB2 "Destructive Illusion" (W.I.P Map Pack)

    You're all very late. This was released like ages ago but was trashed due to amount of bugs that had
  2. HajimeEl64

    OVA-Sonic Thread

    Instead of whining in here why don't you just deal with it that it's cancelled or try to do your OWN sprites for Ova Sonic.
  3. HajimeEl64

    [1.2] SRB2 Persona DEMO

    You really don't get a joke do you. SRB2 Persona is not cancelled. Lat will just be on the PSO2 Event on June 9
  4. HajimeEl64

    (Character) Sonic Adventure in SRB2

    You're wrong about that. They are clearly different and like BlueBlur said if he wanted to edit Modern Sonic Sprites he would ask permission
  5. HajimeEl64

    Fleetway Sonic is posting to in srb2 2.2

    Uh you know that the guy is banned right
  6. HajimeEl64

    Techno Legacy is bad?

    I just think that Techno Legacy doesn't fit quite well for 2.2. I mean it's just looks really outdated... If it was like a make over of like uh ... a 2.2 style instead than just a port, It would have be better
  7. HajimeEl64

    Model anims glitched

    Editing MD3 models animations causes them to break. I don't suggest editing models in the first place but it's mostly that
  8. HajimeEl64


    You're basically avoiding releases putting the model here. I don't know if you made it or not but either way It says on every thread "Do not use Modding as a way of avoiding the releases system! Modding can be used for early betas and for getting improvement suggestions, but not releases of...
  9. HajimeEl64

    How to port md2s for 2.1

    Those models aren't Reusable I think. But even so i don't suggest porting models without the Creator permission. Besides you can't see if the 2.1 addons are reusable or not.
  10. HajimeEl64

    Trophies in SRB2

    This really gives me Smash Brawl vibes. Probably cause of the music. But yeah this is pretty neat this looks really nice with models too
  11. HajimeEl64

    Random dude steals a whole bunch of mods and packs them into 4 different pk3s without credit??

    Yeah I heard about him he really does steal stuff from others. So uh if any of you have lua mods be careful with this guy. He may use it
  12. HajimeEl64

    06 Sonic Model (BestSonicModel.md2)

    Uh you know you have to ASK first before doing anything to the model right. Pretty sure these aren't reusable
  13. HajimeEl64

    Modern Sonic

    Go to discussion and look down to attachments. Click on VCL_ModernSonic-V5.11.pk3 and there you go
  14. HajimeEl64

    Modern Sonic

    Yeah to do the taunt is Custom 2 and Toss Flag at the same time
  15. HajimeEl64

    [Reusable] Hajime's Custom Color Set

    I'm seeing people sharing their custom colors so why not doing the same? Anyway.... this is a bunch of color that I did before 2.2.5 started to have the custom color support. Some of these colors were based on SRB2 Kart, some are original There are 12 colors on this set: -Eltrion -Water...
  16. HajimeEl64

    [Reusable] Almost Software Shading

    What do you mean release for 2.2.8? This was released during 2.2.8. Besides it's not a exe file so it works on every version
  17. HajimeEl64

    [Reusable] Hajime's Custom Color Set

    Been a while since I did this so here's a fresh update for you all called v1.2 - Made Eltrion a little lightier than before - Changed Azure to Navy due to be already be a existing color - Added Trunk - Added Indigo
  18. HajimeEl64

    [Reusable] SRB1 Remake

    Happy to help you with the bugs
  19. HajimeEl64

    [Reusable] Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff - the moive (2.2)

    I still remember this map... Chaotic as ever. Glad I could play this again. Also uh you may wanna fix this.... Non spin characters cannot pass through this part
  20. HajimeEl64

    [Reusable] ChrispyChars (Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails)

    You know that you can't just say that right.