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  1. TeriosSonic

    Lose Tails Or Else - SRB2 Edition

    TeriosSonic submitted a new resource: Lose Tails Or Else - SRB2 Edition - How fast can you run from the fox? Read more about this resource...
  2. TeriosSonic

    Metal Anyone v3 - Post your ability ideas here!

    Before you ask, yes, I've got permission from D00D64 to port him over. I'm porting Metal Anyone over to 2.2, and I'm planning to add new stuff to him. Not only 2.2 abilities, but also some legacy versions [from 2.1 and older], and even all-new ones! I'm also taking some ability suggestions...
  3. TeriosSonic

    Control mode detection

    Hey, does someone know how to detect which control mode [Simple/Standard/Strafe] you're using? It's for vanilla SRB2 by the way.
  4. TeriosSonic

    [Character] Teen Sonic in Kart!

    It's Sonic, a little ball of super energy in an extremely handsome package. Now he has blue arms and separate eyes! He went through some trouble before reaching SRB2Kart. But now he's truly ready to race! Voice clips are taken from Enderpreston's Movie Sonic mod for Sonic World...