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    What is the hardest first boss you've fought?

    If the farthest point I got in R-Types was a boss, then that would be it. I never got past it (or lasted for more than 5 seconds). I'd be more apt to play it if it didn't push you backwards in the level every time you died, considering its difficulty. What I consider the hardest first boss...
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    oops mistake

    I don't know how to delete a first post. This was actually made by mistake, whoops.
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    [Reusable] Sonic Robo Blast 2 The Past (SC_SRB2thepast1.01.wad + Mutiplayer and bonus)

    Remember, XSRB2 has deciphered the old RVZ1. =D
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    This isn't a game I'm really planning on getting, but...well, it's coming up next January and I think it's gonna go over well. The thing that makes it different is the fact that you can play online with 255 other players. Simultaneously. Without lag problems, either. Are any of you interested...
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    [Reusable] Dimensional (s_dimensional_b05) - Beta 5 Released

    Yeah. Those worked. The level feels pretty mediocre. I like the cool looking new textures. Your 2D sections could definitely use some work, and the 3D sections needed a bit more content. You have a good idea here, just needs a bit more refined execution.
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    [Reusable] Dimensional (s_dimensional_b05) - Beta 5 Released

    Yes. I am also having this problem with both of them.
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    PlayStation 3 Slim

    I know several of you already know, but for those who don't... Today a new model of PS3, CECH2001A, was announced. It features a new look, as well as a 120GB HDD and a Bravia Sync. It goes for $299. The current models, CECHL01 (80GB), and CECHP01 (160GB) have officially been discontinued...
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    What electronics have broken down on you?

    StarWars Battleship. The 3 button on the Rebel side kept registering as "2". It was actually broken straight out of the box, new. A PC CD-ROM drive. A GameCube. The computer I was using in BYU. It was already broken the entire time I was there. But after about 2-3 years of being faulty...
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    Well, this is the next big thing coming up for PS3. I've seen some trailers, and it looks quite interesting. Basically, it looks like you attack your opponents with electrical superpowers. I haven't downloaded the PlayStation Store demo (and I can't, because my parents have recently banned...
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    Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic

    I just downloaded this game on my PS3 and it's not bad at all. I like how the controls are pretty simplistic, and it has quite fun multiplayer. I make a topic about this now because for a short time, it's free in the U.S. Quite nice for a free game.
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    We have 3000 registered users

    Look at the bottom left hand corner. I know a lot of these accounts are not being used, but what do you think?
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    Blown Fuse Zone, revision 1

    I made this zone because I wanted to set a standard for future 2D levels in both aesthetics and gameplay. I feel that I was successful, especially when I proved Mystic wrong about it being impossible to make a good 2D level. >=D However, there is one noticeable flaw in the version I submitted...
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    Are FPS's too generic nowadays?

    Halo, Resistance, SOCOM, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Half-Life, etc. I'm not an FPS guy myself, but heck, it seems like there's really nothing that truly separates those games apart from each other. Personally, I think the genre needs something interesting, for example, my sig, as well as...
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    Should Character WADs be banned?

    The large majority of them simply have no redeeming value. I know there are that do have value, like Dr. Pepper's WADs, but even then, they hardly even interest me.
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    Mirror's Edge

    I really, really like what I played in the PSN demo. I like how you can die so often and it doesn't matter because of how forgiving the game is. I love how it really stylizes platforming and combines a FPS element on the side. I love how it uses Runner Vision to glorify linearity. What do...
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    Is Halo overrated?

    I think this would be an interesting topic to discuss here.
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    Poison Palace, now with CLIMBABLE WALLS!

    Poison Palace Zone, winner of the July/August 2008 Single Player Division, has now been improved by having the following: - All walls are climbable - Enormous gap is not as wide - Continuously rising sector gimmick has been removed. It was glitchy. Screenshot: Download link: Click here for...
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    Brian Regan

    What do you think of him, seriously? I think the world needs more comedians like him.
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    A quick Wikipedia look shows that it shares one of the same things that makes SRB2 great: the ability to create and share custom levels. Heck, it also plays like Green Field Zone by Chaos Zero 64, just without crappy acceleration physics. Check the Addons if you don't know what I mean...
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    Torture Device (Match & Tag)

    Download link: Mediafire mirror: This level features a symmetrical, simple design as well as two gimmicks that are experiments in sadism. There are four pop-up buttons made out of sinking platforms...