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  1. MascaraSnake

    How would you rate the official levels? - Part four!

    Yes, it's this thread again. Now that 2.2 has been out for three weeks and you've had time to collect your thoughts, it's time for you to tell us what you think of the official levels. Rate on whatever scale you want (or not at all), comment on as many or as few stages as you feel like, but most...
  2. MascaraSnake

    Fixed Lower textures with Lower Unpegged flag are rendered incorrectly in OpenGL

    Here's a screenshot of a lower texture that has the Lower Unpegged flag, taken in Software: Notice how the texture is attached to the lower of the two floors, like it should be. Now here's the same scene, taken in OpenGL: Clearly this is wrong. It turns out that instead of pegging the...
  3. MascaraSnake

    Fixed [2.1.17] Peg Midtexture flag doesn't like solid midtextures

    When you combine the Peg Midtexture (formerly Effect 3) and Solid Midtexture (formerly Effect 4) flags on a middle texture, it will be rendered in the correct place, but the collision will still be in the old, non-pegged place. Test map...
  4. MascaraSnake

    [Reusable] Zone Builder

    NOTE: This post and its attachments are outdated. Please check the Overview for more up-to-date information, and use the Download button above for the latest version. 03/12/2017 - v2.8 - Two bugfixes 03/11/2017 - v2.7 - A bunch of stuff that has been sitting around for way too long...
  5. MascaraSnake

    How would you rate the official levels? - Part three!

    Now that 2.1 has been out for almost two weeks and we've all had time to collect our impressions, it's time for an old tradition: How would you rate the official levels? Single player, NIGHTS, Match, CTF, rate whatever you want and tell the devs what you think about these levels! Obviously...
  6. MascaraSnake

    Confirmed Cannonballs don't aim right

    According to Mystic, they're supposed to have 100% accuracy, so...
  7. MascaraSnake

    You people need to hear the truth! (AFD)

    Pretty much exactly five years ago I discovered this community. I have seen the dev team's laziness and inability to accomplish anything even remotely close to an actual release, I have seen this community's mind-numbing stupidity, and I have seen the staff's attempts to silence every dissenting...
  8. MascaraSnake

    Fixed Very insignificant goof-up with the ERZ3 waypoints

    In ERZ3, there are two identical boss waypoints on the middle platform. If I delete it, the map functions as it did before, so I assume somebody's hand slipped when making the stage. Although it doesn't hurt anybody, that second waypoint is unnecessary, so I thought I might as well report it...
  9. MascaraSnake

    SLADE general awareness topic

    Thanks to Katmint, I've been discovering SLADE quite a bit. SLADE is a WAD editor developed by SlayeR of SLumpEd fame. If you're from the Doom community, you might have heard about it already. It was formerly a map editor, but was rewritten from scratch recently as SLADE3. The humble goal of...
  10. MascaraSnake

    OLDC downloads

    The Official Level Design Contest is a major event in this community and the contest packs provide a very interesting insight in the evolution of mapping for SRB2, not to mention a lot of great levels. Therefore, I think we can agree that all the contest packs should be available for download...
  11. MascaraSnake

    SPMoves download lost

    The SPMoves download that is linked on the Wiki (hosted on was lost in the recent hard drive crash. I don't want to upload it on some free hosting service where it could get taken down anytime. So what I'm asking is if someone with his own webspace could permanently host it. If...
  12. MascaraSnake

    Isolated Case Last ERZ2 teleporter glitch

    From the old topic. To answer Jazz's question, I didn't do anything to cause it. It was a completely regular playthrough selected from the unlockable level select. DEVMODE was turned on only after the glitch happened. I couldn't move at all, since I was obviously trapped outside of the level, as...
  13. MascaraSnake

    Confirmed Heat Wave Effect doesn't accept a tag of -1

    The Heat Wave effect doesn't work at all when given a tag of -1 (or 65535, whatever you prefer). It normally should affect all sectors if given that tag, but it doesn't affect any.
  14. MascaraSnake

    Effect 4 on zoom tubes?

    I just found out that checking the Effect 4 flag on Zoom Tubes makes the player spin back and forth in it endlessly. That means that you spin from the first to the last waypoint, then back to the first, then to the last again, and so forth. Apparently, there's no way to stop this effect or...
  15. MascaraSnake

    What happened to the wiki?

    This shows up whenever I try to access the wiki. What's wrong in there?