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  1. Jer

    Debate: Should base SRB2 have Discord RPC support?

    Alright, so this is something I've wanted to see what people would think about. Should vanilla SRB2 support Discord Rich Presence? (also known as Discord RPC) In my opinion, I think it could benefit a ton of players. Especially considering Kart's implementation of Discord Rich Presence is...
  2. Jer

    The SRB2-C Music Mystery - Where does it come from?

    So after recently learning about SRB2-C, I took a look at the music, and it's entirely different sounding versions of the existing legacy OST. I've been thinking it might've been a different MIDI card recording, due to the midi-like nature of the sounds. I myself have no clue what card it...
  3. Jer

    Anime Discussion Thread

    So I was looking for an anime discussion thread, and either they were a locked thread or haven't had any replies since dates earlier than July 2020, so here's a modern thread, Does anyone here watch anime of ANY kind, and if so, what's your favorite anime? If I have to list off my favorites, I...
  4. Jer

    What does 'end' expected (to close 'if' at line 4) near '<eof>' mean and how do I fix it?

    So I'm helping @jimbojimbob with his mod, and I'm making him a flight cancel. Problem is, the code spats out the error 'end' expected (to close 'if' at line 4) near '<eof>' when loaded in. For reference, here's the code so you can see what I'm working with: addHook("ThinkFrame", do for...
  5. Jer

    Help with this script

    When I run this script, it says "')' expected (to close '(' at line 1) near 'end'. Can anyone tell me what I need to do? I'm just starting Lua, mind you. addHook("ThinkFrame", do for player in players.iterate if and == "sonic" then...
  6. Jer

    How do I check if Sonic has homing thokked a badnik?

    Yeah, this one's self explanatory. How do I check if Sonic has homing thokked something?
  7. Jer

    How'd you get your profile picture?

    There's username and signature threads, but what about your PFP? Mine will be my character's CSS art. What about you?
  8. Jer

    A thread about my opinions on SRB2 "mod beggars"

    Hello everyone, Jer here. Today I'm gonna make a thread about the most infamous part of the SRB2 community and voice my own opinions. The mod beggars. :threat: Who are mod beggars? :threat: Mod beggars are people who either beg for a certain mod to be made, or people who beg for a certain mod...
  9. Jer

    Sonic the Fighters

    Oh boy, time for Jer to talk about a video game #4! But seriously, Fighters is HELLA underrated. Anyone else agree? 1616082709 The combos are pretty satisfying and it's overall a fun game.
  10. Jer

    How do I make it so that the homing thok keeps Sonic in his ball-state?

    Title's self explanatory. How do I keep Sonic in his ball-state when doing the homing thok?
  11. Jer

    Searching through 2.1 source files for LUA inspiration

    So yeah, I'm currently working on a lua that's something from 2.1 ported over to 2.2, an ability, to be precise. Which source file housed the abilities code?
  12. Jer

    Plants vs. Zombies

    But seriously, Plants vs. Zombies is probably one of my all time favorite games EVER. It was (and still is) one of the few tower defense games I play at all. I first played the XBLA demo back in the day, I think? (Actually, it may have been the demo on WildTangent when that had a demo to play...
  13. Jer

    How do I modify an existing ability through LUA?

    Yes, I'm making a LUA script. And it's simple. How do I modify an existing ability through LUA? Specifically the homing attack.
  14. Jer

    Sonic 3D Blast

    Sonic 3D is a.... controversial topic in this fanbase. I personally enjoy 3D, so I want to see who else likes 3D Blast!
  15. Jer

    Sonic Adventure Ports Thread

    I felt the need to make a Sonic Adventure ports thread. So Sonic Adventure was ported from 2003 up until 2010 4 times in those 7 years. Which (unmodified) port is your favorite and why? Personally, mine is the 1999 Dreamcast release for its polish and charm.
  16. Jer

    How to get better at SRB2! (SPOILERS FOR THE GAME)

    Jer the Hedgehog submitted a new resource: How to get better at SRB2! (SPOILERS FOR THE GAME) - How to get better at the game. Simple as that. Read more about this resource...
  17. Jer

    How do I make it so that Sonic has to push a switch to have a wall go down?

    Hello, so as of now I'm working on a Mushroom Hill stage mod. And in the beginning of the stage, I need it so Sonic has to push a switch to open up a wall to continue access through the stage. How do I pull this off? (The spot in question is in the image below.)
  18. Jer

    Jer the Hedgehog (Current WIP)

    About time I made him. So far, I have a CSS art by the same person who did Sonamous 47's, Retroacid. I also have this doc of planned abilities. Check the doc out, if you will.
  19. Jer

    Does anyone have a good reuseable Drop Dash script?

    It's as simple as the title. Is there a good reusable Drop Dash script around? Using it as a base for my upcoming lua concept.
  20. Jer

    How abouts this remix?

    A friend of mine and fellow chiptune artist John Tay made a cover (specifically with the YM2151 chip, used in some SEGA arcade boards) of Egg Rock 2 and it SLAPS! Take a listen: