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  1. Eldog

    [Level Pack] SI-HTpak

    SI-HTpak is finally here! 9 of the 10 maps from the SRB2Kart In-House Mapping Competition have been released in this pack! Included Levels: SI-HT MC Results: Changelog: Supporters / Co-Authors: Archdiggle BladeDash Chaobrother Menacing Marshmallow minenice Novaphyer SeasideDoe Teyla weblorex
  2. Eldog

    Gametype Helper V1

    A simple script that allows players to toggle supported gameplay-modifying addons. Commands: HOSTMOD Integration: Supported Gametypes: Known Issues:
  3. Eldog

    Weebmotes - another Movienight emote pack

    Watch Space Patrol Luluco (For use with movienight by Fickleheart) Included Emotes: Source: Big thanks to Fickle for releasing such a cool QOL addon!!
  4. Eldog

    [Reusable] Community Resources

    A set of textures, flats, and more– for the community, by the community. Featuring: Interested in Contributing? Changelog: Supporters / Co-Authors: AirFox barkley Chaobrother Chengi Dakras FabulousNinji Fayt_XIII IvoYaridovich MK.exe Plom510 RoyKirbs SoupBowler Superjustinbros...
  5. Eldog

    [Level Pack] VR_ARENA v1.1

    VR_ARENA is a map pack that aims to completely restructure Battle Mode by turning it into an extended intermission between Races. Yes, it's Battle Plus enabled. Included Levels: Instructions: Changelog:
  6. Eldog

    [Reusable] BarkleyHorns V1 - For The Angry Individual

    Do you love Hornmod? Do you want more horns? Do you have no faith that Tyrone will ever update his mod again since V2 is going to break it? Well, join the club, and look no further! Sourced from everybody's favorite gamer, Barkley, this pack delivers 20 debatably high quality horns from a...
  7. Eldog


    μpak (known by some as Mupak) aims to be a pack of race maps that vary in difficulty, time, and theme. Included Levels: Map IDs: Changelog: Supporters / Co-Authors: Chaobrother
  8. Eldog

    [Reusable] Desert Rift

    Barrel down a winding canyon road as you drift into a wide-open canyon, carefully making your way up a switchback, through a collapsed mine, and finally through a lively canyon oasis in this open, natural map. Looking into the canyon from the bridge Looking into the canyon from the slope down...