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  1. Fres

    Fres' OLDC Votes - Summer 2020

  2. Fres

    [Reusable] FresColors! A small (for now) skincolor pack!

    Ooh boy! My first release not tied to a community pack in like 4 years! Starting things off with 5 modest colors! More colors, animated and otherwise, definitely coming soon!
  3. Fres

    [Reusable] Sonic Lost World's Run Button + Double Jump (SomeLostWorld.lua)

    A simple script which keeps Sonic's normalspeed to a low until Custom 1 is held. The double jump is also included to add to the Lost World experience™.
  4. Fres

    Player color isn't saved when a Splitscreen game first starts

    If I were to start a splitscreen game with a different color that's not the character's default, upon starting the game, the game forces you back to your default color. This also happens to the second player in Co-Op, and will also happen in every other gametype, save for Team Match and CTF.
  5. Fres

    Fres' Editing Questions

    Decided to make a questions thread for when I'm stumped with certain things. So the first question: how does one get the death pits to fade to black like in some of the vanilla stages? Example: Also, a lua related question: how does one use lua to draw a graphic on screen?
  6. Fres

    Triangle Lake Zone (mt_TLZ.wad)

    My first map, which has been in development since Zone Builder first released. It's a pretty straightforward match map, rather open, with some elevated platforms here and there. It uses map slot MD, right after Meadow Match. Feedback on this map is much appreciated.