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  1. Cman!

    ¿How to delete account?

    I don't really know. But you can ask the admins themselves.
  2. Cman!

    ¿How to delete account?

    I think there's no option to delete it. The moderators and admins have to remove it.
  3. Cman!

    Fix the lag

    It's not the game's fault for lagging. It's probably your phone's specs. SRB2 lags on my device sometimes.
  4. Cman!

    SRB2 Battle! Multiplayer Gameplay Mod

    Bro... You're making a legendary mod right now. I'm crying.. THIS IS SO AWESOME!
  5. Cman!

    [Reusable] Reminiscences Character Pack (Dr.Pepper) - Version 1.0!

    No way?! This was a very cool project. I can't wait to see the future of this project! And I'm glad this isn't getting taken down, there's potential put into this pack then just saying it's just a port. Wish you luck terios!
  6. Cman!

    What's in store for Cman Version 4.0?!

    Sorry if the gifs are broken guys! Here are the new gifs! that are powered by imgur!
  7. Cman!

    What's in store for Cman Version 4.0?!

    Cman's resprite isn't just for good looks it's for new features. And the goal post I had fun spriting! I based Cman's goal post off dirks but added tweaks! You might not be able to see the new goal post because of srb2's gif quality! What I'm really happy to announce is Cman's new bouncy stand...
  8. Cman!


    There has been news on the Kart Krew discord. But there was a channel that was called "dev leaks" they would post Srb2 Kart V2 Gifs and Gameplays and screenshots. And for fun. Even memes. But their was a terrible accident, fans were backporting some V2 maps into 1.3. And even some of the...
  9. Cman!

    What's in store for Cman Version 4.0?!

    Progress Shot 1626554178 Quick In-Depth Animations!
  10. Cman!

    What's in store for Cman Version 4.0?!

    I will be! Thanks for the feedback! 1626464044 Thanks for enjoying.
  11. Cman!

    What's in store for Cman Version 4.0?!

    Development has been going on for Cman! Cman has to be the biggest projects I'm working on for SRB2! And I am very excited to show you content for Cman 4.0! With these small sneek peaks! And also great work with @SupaCustardbro for coding! And of course @Latius and more for helping with the...
  12. Cman!

    Rei'sen the Moon Rabbit [Touhou]

    Can't wait to see what this comes out as! Nice job! Quick question... Can we make custom colors for rei'sen?
  13. Cman!

    Is Yuji Naka a hack?

    Dang.. So it was that bad? :dramahog:
  14. Cman!

    Is Yuji Naka a hack?

    Didn't Yuji Naka quit Square Enix after the fail of Balan Wonderland?
  15. Cman!

    about the discord

    Well... If it's off your members list. You can contact a mod.
  16. Cman!


    And so can't two other people. :dramahog:
  17. Cman!

    v2.2 - Playstyle & Keyboard Layout

    Control Type: Me when I use smash flash controls everywhere. (I really do) Movement/Strafing: WASD Jump: P Spin: O Fire: I Fire normal: U Weapon switch: Y Toss flag: T Toggle third person: V Custom 1: Q Custom 2: E Custom 3: R Kart Control Type: Me when I use smash flash controls even in kart...
  18. Cman!


    Easily can be fixed delete your config.cfg. if not get another srb2 and backup your mods and save files.
  19. Cman!


    2.0 isn't cancelled. it's just halted. It's a break for the devs.
  20. Cman!

    Post your pics/art here!

    Cman Redesign Art!