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  1. Virt

    [Character] Palutena

    Sorry to keep you waiting! The Goddess of Light, Lady Palutena, has graced the track with her presence! With similar stats to Mit's Pit, Palutena is a force to be reckoned with. You may need a little divine intervention if you hope to win against her!
  2. Virt

    [Character] The Powerpuff Girls Pack! (v2)

    Sugar, spice, and everything nice... These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect Kart racer. But Professor Virtonium accidentally added an extra ingredient the concoction: Chemical X. Thus, the Powerpuff Girls were born! Using their ultra-lightweight stats, Blossom, Bubbles, and...
  3. Virt

    [Character] Cream the Rabbit (+ Cheese!) v1.1

    Everyone's favorite rabbit is here! She's lightweight and drives a little slow. (It's mostly out of politeness, but to be honest she's kind of scared of driving too fast!) And, following behind her is Cheese as a LUA addon, written by Steel Titanium! Unfortunately, this means you won't be...
  4. Virt

    [Character] Princess Daisy

    "HI, I'M DAISY!" The exuberant princess from another land is back on the track! She's a match for Peach in terms of stats, but there’s probably no other racer on the track who’s as happy to be on the starting grid as she is. yes i stole that bio from the mario wiki so sue me This mod was...
  5. Virt

    Blaze the Cat

    The princess of the Sol Dimension has arrived! Her stats are fairly similar to Sonic's, but she should handle a little better. If you like fiery hot races, then this addon is What U Need! ...and now back into my lurking corner I go to work on md2s
  6. Virt

    Couldn't Load 'r_opengl.dll'

    I wanted to play SRB2 today after a while of... not playing SRB2, and I tried to do it in OpenGL mode but I get this error: The regular version of the game runs fine. I have r_opengl.dll in my SRB2 folder, so I don't know what the problem might be.
  7. Virt

    Game Stops Working in OpenGL Mode

    My OpenGL was working fine earlier today, but when I updated SRB2 to the latest version, it stopped working. Now, when I try to launch the game in OpenGL mode, the game says "srb2win.exe has stopped working" and crashes.
  8. Virt

    [Reusable] Virt's MD2 Collection

    Well, with a new version of the game comes new MD2s! ...but so far I've only got one new one. That's right, it's Hatsune Miku as Sonic the Hedgehog. She looks small in-game, but hey, we have to keep everything a certain size. The model isn't mine, but I had to rig and animate the entire thing...
  9. Virt

    Metal Robotnik Model?

    IIRC the Metal Robotnik is a ton of pre-rendered 3D model animations, right? Is the actual model itself anywhere out there?
  10. Virt

    "Couldn't set video mode because it failed the change?"

    That's the error message it gives. Question Mark and all. I launch SRB2CB, and that's what immediately shows up. Help? EDIT: It also shows up on vanilla SRB2 OpenGL mode.
  11. Virt

    Maximum Face Count for MD2s?

    How many triangular faces are allowed in an MD2 for SRB2? I know I read this somewhere before, can't remember where. Help?
  12. Virt

    Which Character uses which weapon the most?

    Just curious, so I thought I'd ask: In your opinion, which character (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles) uses which weapon (bomb ring, normal ring, rail ring, etc.) in Match/CTF?
  13. Virt

    Object that gives rings on touch?

    Just incase I wanted to redo the SRB2 and the Black Knight thing I tried a while ago, I was wondering... could you SOC an object so that it's not a ring, but gives rings on touch? Like the yellow fairies in SatBK.
  14. Virt

    MD2 Help

    I was just wondering, can you make MD2s for things that aren't in srb2.srb (such as the NiGHTS animations)?
  15. Virt

    Is it possible to spawn an Idea Drone from a monitor?

    I was just wondering if you could spawn an Idea Drone from a monitor to turn you into NiGHTs mode.
  16. Virt

    Wii Broke Down

    Okay, so recently, my Wii broke down, and I can't play any disc games. Now, I'm trying to move all my save data to an SD card, but some games won't move. Here's a list of the games that won't work. Super Smash Brother Brawl Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Animal Crossing: City Folk NiGHTS...
  17. Virt

    Is it free to make a vBulletin site?

    Just wondering, because Tal.Ki isn't working.
  18. Virt

    Spawning Idea Drone from Monitor?

    Okay, so I was wondering if you could either a.) Spawn an Idea Drone from a Monitor or b.) Turn into Nights Mode automatically from a Monitor without needing to use an Idea Drone.
  19. Virt

    How exactly do you rip sprites?

    I really hate to depend on people and websites for my sprites, so I was wondering how you would rip things. Do you have to have special software/hardware or something?
  20. Virt

    Alice 2.2

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, if it is, move it please. Anyway, Alice is a "programming language" where you can create 3-D movies and games. The website is here if you want to download and try it. I've made some movies and I'm working on some games. Discuss. Also, if someone could...