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  1. Lach

    [Reusable] SHA-256

    Sick!! Welcome to releases!
  2. Lach

    Domon Kasshu (G Gundam)

    Welcome to releases!
  3. Lach

    Pierre Joins the Race!

    Welcome to releases!
  4. Lach

    [Reusable] Set Emeralds

    Welcome to releases!
  5. Lach

    [Reusable] srb2srv - SRB2 Server CLI

    Once again, got this working on Mac as well—I was unable to test having it open the game since it doesn't seem to like having spaces in the directory names, but it does list servers as advertised and I feel safe assuming the rest works since srb2dl was well done too! Welcome to releases!
  6. Lach

    [Reusable] Secondcolor for Kart Characters v1.4

    This script lets character creators give their characters changeable secondary colors! The instructions for usage are included in the script itself. Simply drag the script into your WAD or PK3 as a new lump and start reading! I've done my best to make the process as easy as possible—all you...
  7. Lach

    The Prince (Katamari Damacy) v1

    From the wonderful Katamari Damacy series, the dashing Prince once again endeavors to be the best at rolling—only this time, the Katamari is substituted by a shiny new set of wheels! In homage to his canonical size and his appearance in Pac-Man World Rally, he's an extremely lightweight racer...
  8. Lach

    [Reusable] Sonic Bullets v1

    A very silly modification I made during 2.2 development. Also doubles as an example of the new skin patching feature!
  9. Lach

    [Reusable] Super Ball Zone

    Love it, holy shit. The rollout rock was the first substantial thing I added to 2.2, so it's wild to see how much wacky depth it has.
  10. Lach

    [Reusable] ChrispyChars (Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails)

    Known, the tails don't work on SF_HIRES characters because of the pixel scale difference combined with MF2_LINKDRAW. In a future patch we're removing MF2_LINKDRAW from the tails when used with those characters.
  11. Lach

    [Reusable] ChrispyChars (Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails)

    Once you hit a spring, you can press jump repeatedly to perform tricks until you start falling. In order to continue your trick chain, you need to bounce from another spring. The chain will persist until you touch the ground, so try to find places with lots of springs to chain together!
  12. Lach

    [Reusable] ChrispyChars (Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails)

    ChrispyChars requires the latest version of SRB2, you need to update your game to play it.
  13. Lach

    [Reusable] NotUDMF (Scenery scaling for mappers)

    Welcome to releases!
  14. Lach

    [Reusable] I/O Support Resource

    Sorry that it took so long to get these looked at! I don't think the PVar script does a particularly good job at explaining how it works, nor do I think generating one file for each command makes it a particularly good example. Everything works fine, though. Welcome to releases!
  15. Lach

    [Reusable] cover yourself in oil

    Welcome to releases!
  16. Lach

    [Reusable] Snolf the Golfball

    You're all good!
  17. Lach

    [Reusable] Scarlet Palace +

    Brilliant. I was expecting just to run around for a while and explore the updated scenery, but I was surprised by a very intricate hunt for a second layer of hidden collectibles. I loved figuring out how to get to each one!
  18. Lach

    [Reusable] Vertical Aim Auto-Recenter

    Welcome to Releases!
  19. Lach

    Fixed Hook "MobjSpawn" Doesn't Scale The objects!

    This should be fixed for 2.2.9.
  20. Lach

    Fixed Mobj.scale via LUA appears to not work

    I'm assuming this report is related to scaling objects with MobjSpawn, which is the context in DD Wrecker. This should be fixed for 2.2.9.