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  1. little guy*

    My thoughts on the OLDC (And the vote)

    Alright, hope this is ok. Here's my notes on each level and my ranking for all of them. Notes: And my ranking:
  2. little guy*

    [Reusable] NoChuckles (K.T.E. from SRB2ME!)

    Oh no Alright, you already should know what this is. This is Knuckles from SRB2ME (SRB2 Marriage Edition is the full name, SRB2 2.0 is the short name) and he's back and as accurate as I care to go! This poorly done port has been around for over a year, so I may as well finish updating him, even...
  3. little guy*

    How to post Character Wad

    I made a full fledged knuckles 2.0 wad I'm ready to post, BUT I'm a silly fool and don't know how to post it. Any help?