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  1. Extem the Hedgeho

    Sonic Colors Rotation

    Extem the Hedgeho submitted a new resource: Sonic Colors Rotation - Exactly what it says on the tin Read more about this resource...
  2. Extem the Hedgeho

    Air Curling and Uncurling? (and riding badniks if possible)

    I'm making a personal P_SKIN for Amy to make her more like her Eye of Three counterpart, and I've got the spindash, rolling, and overall faster gameplay complete. All I need are her main abilities: Air Curling/Uncurling and Badnik Riding when landing on a badnik when uncurled. I tried to edit a...
  3. Extem the Hedgeho

    Executing Commands with a Custom Button (I need help with Lua Scripting)

    Hey guys, remember me? The insignificant guy who wanted to play SRB2 with a Wired Fight Pad Pro? Yeah, I'm back with another question because I'm THAT stupid. Right now, I need help with some Lua stuff. I'm bad at programming and I honestly didn't want to read the wiki. How do I make a Lua file...
  4. Extem the Hedgeho

    Gamepad "Is used by another player" when nobody is using the Gamepad

    I'm using a Fight Pad Pro for the Nintendo Switch and I'm trying to connect the Gamepad to Player 1 Controls, but every single time I try to connect it, it says exactly this: This gamepad is used by another player. Reset the gamepad for that player first. (Press a key) I then try to...