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  1. InstableGR

    [MP Level] Cookie Country (Kirby's Return to Dream Land)

    Welcome to Cookie Country, a lush landscape part of a kingdom famous for peace and quiet. This first "InstableTrack" is based on the colorful first world of Kirby's Return to Dream Land! Take in your surroundings of gorgeous greens, vast cliffs and sparkly waterfalls while racing on a track...
  2. InstableGR

    [Battle] Super Smash Bros. (64) Stages [v1.1]

    These maps require SRB2 Battle (by CobaltBW) to function. Grab it here: Additionally, be sure to load BattleMod before loading the pack, otherwise the maps will not appear in the Level Select menu. Get ready to SMASH! ... or, rather, play SRB2 Battle...
  3. InstableGR

    [Character] "InstablePack" [v1.3 - Proto Man (8-bit)]

    No introduction fanfare is needed for this pack, I think the title image is self-explanatory so let's get on with it! Characters Patch Notes Credits Even more characters may or may not be added in the future, only time will tell. Please enjoy!
  4. InstableGR

    [Reusable] Mr. Krabs

    Looking to experience the thrill of maximum overdrive for prize money, Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants joins SRB2Kart! His stats are 6 Speed, 6 Weight; naturally, he's a bit hefty, but to make up for that he has an extra ounce of speed on his side! You can slightly use his weight to your...