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  1. DrStephen

    DrSteph's OLDC 2021 Votes

    Here's the final list to start off with. As for more specific feedback, here it is:
  2. DrStephen

    Maimy, the Rosy Robot

    DrStephen submitted a new resource: Maimy, the Rosy Robot - Roses have thorns, this one has spikeballs! Read more about this resource...
  3. DrStephen

    [Character] StephChars [Kart Edition] - Kou Drifts Past!

    [CENTER] I've been playing Kart for a good time now and making new characters is suuper simple and comfortable to work on, so imma update this thread to include all my future characters. Introducing StephChars! [Kart Edition] This was a very fun little project to work on, and I couldn't...
  4. DrStephen

    Bandages Reborn v.1.2

    Booming from another universe, Bandages swings in! Straight from the erm, critically acclaimed/panned series, comes Sonic Boom's dude in blue, nicknamed after his apparent addiction to sportstape, Bandages! Those who know me for... way too long, know that this is, indeed, not the first time I...
  5. DrStephen

    Jana The Fox - StephChars v1

    With his trusty backpack ready, Skip is ready to dive into a new adventure! Inspired by collectathon platformers like A Hat in Time and Super Mario 64, Skip is designed for seamless movement across the levels with his simple yet hard to master abilities. Let's go over what Skip can do! If you...
  6. DrStephen

    The Werehog v2.3

    The full moon rises! The Werehog is unleashed! The Werehog returns, with a whole new set of skills and gameplay, inspired by his gameplay in Sonic Unleashed! Abilities The Werehog's combat is significantly different from his original game, this time tailored towards' SRB2's level design...
  7. DrStephen

    Eggpack Remake! [v2.1]

    Eggman returns to SRB2, and this time with a fresh new coat of paint! Metal Robotnik has taken over his base in Egg Rock, turning all of Eggman's robots against him - as well as sending copies of the man himself to stop him. With no other choice, Eggman has to side with Sonic and Friends to...
  8. DrStephen

    Confirmed Azure Temple Crash (SIGSEV segment violation)

    So I was playing on Record Attack with Knuckles and after finishing his first path (Dodging fire gargoyles in the walls), I entered the room right before the segment with the fire platforms that make you float above bottomless pits. Just as I was about to actually go into that segment, the game...
  9. DrStephen

    How can I replace Tails' sprites?

    Hi there, long time no see. Anyways, I've been working for a few months on a secret project that replaces a lot of stuff. Without spoiling too much, I need to replace Tails' sprites without creating a new character. Basically, doing what ModernSonic.wad does, which makes SRB2's Sonic have a...
  10. DrStephen

    Need help integrating a fix in my Character's Script!

    Hiya people! I've been having some issues with a certain character that's been sitting in Submissions for a while now, and Judges have tried to help me with a certain glitch involving one of the character's abilites. Problem is... I am absolutely clueless when it comes to Lua, so any advices...
  11. DrStephen

    Weavile The Weasel

    From the creators of such classics as Eggman in a Jetpack, and Silver The Hedgehog, and ESPECIALLY Sylveon... Weavile joins the Resistance! Weavile is a Dark/Ice type Pokemon, pretty much the polar opposite of Lat's Sylveon, who ironically helped out with Weavile's skills! Hope you guys...
  12. DrStephen

    Dr. Stephen's Lab of Shenanigans

    Hi, I'm Dr. Stephen/Zero The Artificial. You might remember me from Character Releases such as "Eggman's Jetpack" and "A Small White Dog". Recently, I've been playing a lot of Pokémon, even finished some games. So, I managed to start off my new project! Right now, I've only done his front...
  13. DrStephen

    SRB2 2.1.15 killed my FPS.

    Well, basically what happened is that playing either in srb2win.exe or srb2dd.exe have really, really low FPS. I don't know exactly why, playing in any other versions of the game have 35 FPS locked, but playing on 2.1.15 gives me terrible FPS, around 10-20 FPS, and in Special Stages, I get LESS...
  14. DrStephen

    Can't host my game.

    Okay, I can't host my game using port 5029. So I used the -ucpport command and see if it worked. Well, I used a random number, then tried 5002. Both the numbers made the Server appear in the Master Server page on this message board; but I noticed that the Gametype was Unknown, there was an X...
  15. DrStephen

    [Reusable] A Small, White Dog. [Undertale's Annoying Dog]

    This actually took more time than I'd like to admit. Probably because this is literally the first time I make a character from scratch. That, or too much GradeAUnderA. Undertale's Annoying Dog, everyone! This little dog has a very high jump, and uses the Legendary Artifact for a Jump-Thok...
  16. DrStephen

    Issues with custom Thok for Character.

    Pretty much what the title says. I'm on the process of finishing my second wad, which I'd seriously like to not reveal yet. But I'm having a serious problem which is keeping me from fully finishing it. That issue is making a custom thok for the character. I already made the sprites; but as I...
  17. DrStephen

    Greg Wilmot, The Mediocre-ist is no longer with us. If you've been watching the Completionist/That One Video Gamer, this is some horrible news. Yes, as sad as it is, Greg Wilmot has left the channel. In the video I linked, Jirard; the Completionist, thanks Greg for his support. We don't really know...
  18. DrStephen

    The Mystery of GFZ Act 1

    So, since 2.1 was released something in Green Flower Zone Act 1 seemed a bit odd... Seriously, what is the point of this? A really hidden Easter Egg? An Accident? I think that it's either an inside joke or it's a future secret area, like jumping three times on top of Red XVI's house? I want...
  19. DrStephen

    How to use the Spoilers in the MB?

    The title says it all. No matter how hard I search for a Spoiler button in advanced mode, I can't figure out how to create a spoiler in a post. Can someone help me please?
  20. DrStephen

    Race Maps?

    Once I started playing SRB2, I noticed a really cool mode. Race. It was fun and had a preety balanced gameplay. I also loved the maps. When 2.1 was announced, I was so excited! I thought how everything would be: Cool new mechanics, new levels, new features, and, of course, more Race/Match/CTF...