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  1. Kíbito

    Meta Knight

    Kíbito submitted a new resource: Meta Knight - The Masked Warrior by excellence storms SRB2!. Read more about this resource...
  2. Kíbito

    [Character] Kíbito's Kart Chars [v1.1]

    Well yeah, i've been cooking up these characters for a while. I just decided to release them all in a pack for conveniency, though there's still an individual files zip for those who wanna play a specific character. Character List: Screenshots Changelog: Special thanks to my...
  3. Kíbito

    [Character] [v2.1] kirbychars.pk3 - Kirby for SRB2 Kart

    28 Years ago, on April 27th of 1992, Kirby's Dream Land first came out to the public, being the first title on the entire Kirby franchise. This pack is here to celebrate that!. Yes it was totally always planned that way... Introducing Kirbychars, the collaboration pack that compiles all the...
  4. Kíbito

    Meta Knight and his Soldiers storm the track!

    Meta Knight comes into the racing scene!. Though he was told not to fly, since it was "breaking the rules", so he's in a kart now, still, we'll have to see how much time passes until he gets tired of it and starts flying again. And as loyal as ever, Blade Knight and Sword Knight step in...
  5. Kíbito

    [Reusable] Dark Matter Blade Slashes the Racers!

    Dark Matter from Kirby's Dream Land 2 Joins it's friends(?) in the race track! Being heavily based on its Planet Robobot Clone, hence the name, and the yellow colored eye. Same goes with its sounds, as they're all from Planet Robobot!. Changelog: He's tricky to control due to the...
  6. Kíbito

    [Character] Sonic Drift 2 Character Pack v1.2

    I thought it'd be cool to make a little sprite port and adaptation of the Sonic Drift 2 characters, they're cute sprites after all. BUT BOY IT DIDN'T TURN OUT LIKE THAT List of characters: Bonus Chars!!?? Hope you Enjoy!
  7. Kíbito

    [Reusable] Fang the Sniper for SRB2 Kart! (v1.3)

    Coming right out of Sonic Triple Trouble it's Fang The Sniper!. ... Or Nack the Weasel, whatever you wanna call him. Changelog: He's mostly inspired by his Sonic Mania appearance as there's references to that in some of his sprites, and he uses TF2 Sniper voice clips, provided by Tiniest...
  8. Kíbito

    Meta Knight Storms to the 1st Place! (NEW PK3 Mode!!!)

    Taking Over the Race comes Meta Knight! Flying directly to steal that victory from Kirby, is Meta Knight!, as Mysterious as ever! [STATS] [S-8] [W-4] I made him so he could combine with my Wheelie Rider mod, so the shading may be a bit limited, as always I'm such a hack at spriting so...
  9. Kíbito

    Wheelie Rider races to the Goal! v1.3

    Speeding through the Green Green Hills, here come Kirby and his partner Wheelie! With a Special Introductory Story! Coming right out of Kirby Super Star Ultra, They're ready to partner up in the Race and Battle tracks of SRB2 Kart! -Stats -Speed: 7 -Weight: 2 (Sounds are borrowed from...
  10. Kíbito

    Lots of Kart WAD Questions

    Hello, this is my first post here, please bear with me, also i don't originally speak english, so if i got an error please let me know so i can correct it as soon as i can. I've been playing Sonic Robo Blast 2 for a while, when i heard about Srb2 Kart and how fun it was i wanted to try it, and...