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    1. Wild West Zone, Act 2 by Dead 2. Rustic Templar Zone by MK.exe 3. Toffee Tor Zone, Act 1 by RoyKirbs 4. Oasis Palace Zone by So2ro 5. Metallic Madness Good Future by Kwiin/failur.old 6. Spyro Ripto Blast 2 - Snowflake Ridge by TrickyTex/Tatsuru 7. Aqua Paradise Zone by Twins'R'Awesome 8...
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    Contest Discussion

    Welcome to the general OLDC discussion thread! Feel free to post and discuss anything relating to the OLDC here, from questions about the rules to sharing progress of your entries!
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    Seraphic Skylands Zone

    Hi, I made this level. You might've heard of it. I've made a few changes to the level since it's participation in the OLDC of May/June 2014, including but not limited to: readdition of the originally cut final area major changes to some laggy/bad areas five mostly-new emblems to find minor...
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    Miscellaneous things that Sphere wastes his time on

    Hi, I make things sometimes! For example, ports of existing Sonic levels! But that's not all I do, nooooo, I also make original content! And last but not least, a couple of gifs! That's all for now, stay tuned for more! disclaimer: whether I post things in this thread or not depends on...
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    Sphere Pack - a collection of multiplayer levels (mtf_spherepack.wad)

    Since the start of 2014, I've been working on various multiplayer levels, varying from completely new stages with custom graphics to remakes of older levels. Most of them I didn't know what to do with, as they were not eligible for the Official Level Design Contest, so I decided to compile them...
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    A level I've had lying around for a while, it was made for a contest a long time ago but I didn't submit it. It was nearly complete, only missing things like emerald spawns and a level header, so I added those in so I could release it. There wasn't a lot of effort put into this, so don't expect...
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    Chilly Chasm (r_chillychasm.wad)

    Since the last circuit division ever has passed, here's a silly map that was planned to be in the contest but didn't get finished in time. You can blame FOFs that look glitchy on screenshots for the lack of images.
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    [Reusable] SRB2 Asset Pack v2.0

    Some of you oldbies might remember that something like this existed back in the days of 1.09.4. I tossed the idea of reviving it around in 'fun and surprisingly, there was a lot of interest for it! After that, I asked if anyone had something to contribute. Before I knew it, I ended up with more...
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    Fixed Taking screenshots is broken again

    Well, I just took a screenshot of my new level, and then this happened: The FOFs and the midtextures are not rendered, or so it seems.
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    Fixed Sectors without colormap in DSZ1 - #2

    These sectors do have the water FOF tagged to it, but they lack a colormap. EDIT: I'll get a new pic with devmode enabled in a minute...
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    Fixed Sector without colormap in DSZ1 - #1

    This sector does have the water FOF tagged to it, but it lacks a colormap.
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    Fixed Shield glitch in ACZ1

    If you stand near the right or left edge with a shield, the shield will glitch up and appear above you. This has already been mentioned during 2.0.4, but it still hasn't been fixed yet.
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    Project: Hyper Duels - v1 (mrtf_projecthyperduels.wad)

    DESCRIPTION It was one peaceful day in #srb2fun, when KO.T.E suddenly came up with an idea: 'Why not combine mine and Blade's levels in one pack?' I quickly heard of this idea, and asked if I could add my levels in it too. I could, and we started to work on compiling our maps into one pack, with...
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    Retro Pack - Version 1 (mtf_retropack-v1.wad)

    So, after a long delay (a really long delay), we finally decided to release this to the public. And with 'we' I mean myself, KO.T.E, Blade and Errol. So, what is the Retro Pack exactly? Simple: it's a multiplayer level pack with only one goal, porting old SRB2 levels to 2.0 and giving them a...
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    Crystalline Caves (mt_crystallinecaves_v1.1.wad)

    Crystalline Caves is an ice-themed match map, which became second place in the Official Level Design Contest of November/December 2009, with an average of 7.22. Unlike Abandoned Disco/Deserted Dancefloor, this map got a major overhaul: -The entire stage is 150% of it's original size. This was...
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    Deserted Dancefloor (previously known as Abandoned Disco) (f_deserteddancefloor.wad)

    Well, this is just a fixed up version of my contest entry, Abandoned Disco. It recieved an average of 6.00, so it's not too bad. I read all the criticism from the Contest topic again, and tried to adjust the level according to them. Fixes: -Item placement has been improved. -The bases have...
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    Dual Falls (f_dualfalls.wad)

    I was going to enter this map in the contest, but I recieved enough comments saying that it was too large. Plus, I'm entering another map in the OLDC. Dual Falls is a CTF map, mostly inspired by Icicle Falls and Cloud Palace in terms of level design. However, this map is larger than those other...
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    Strange sprite-display issues with XWE.

    I am currently experiencing a strange issue with XWE. I created some custom weapon icons, but the Rail icon is glitched: (That was an icon I created a year ago, that has already been deleted from my computer) But when in XWE, it displays the correct icon, with the correct name and alignment...
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    [Reusable] Project: Sphere [V.2 is out now!] (mtf_projectsphere_v2.wad)

    Project: Sphere Project: Sphere is a multiplayer level pack, made by me. Currently, it features give maps, three of which are Match/Tag, and two are CTF. Level listing: Ruby Hill: (MAPB1) Checkered Arena: (MAPB2) Square Stadium: (MAPB3) Galactic Bases: (MAPB4) City Center...
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    My second map released into public (out of the bazillions I've made already), Square Stadium. Basically, this is just a generic battlefield themed map. Some screens: (outdated, but i'm too lazy to update them) The center of the arena. Not the center of the arena. Overview from a platform...