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  1. SteelT

    can you play local wireless on the same network?

    Yes, just have the device that will connect to the server connect using the local IP address of the server, instead of the public ip address.
  2. SteelT


    Frame rate started to die after Shadow of Atlantis Zone, and noticed in the script it's due to a global MobjThinker hook being added, which isn't generally recommended for being really slow. I recommend just limiting it to what object types it should run for by specifying the third argument to...
  3. SteelT

    403 when connecting to the Master Server. Have I been banned?

    Do such thing happen consistently or only sometimes? Actually being banned would have shown a different error fyi.
  4. SteelT

    SRB2 Battle! Multiplayer Gameplay Mod

    Is it intentional that viewing the console manual and the scripter's manual requires requesting access?
  5. SteelT

    [Reusable] srb2dl - SRB2 Content Downloader

    I think the script is interpreting the "Updated" field incorrectly, it seems to be pulling the info from the "First Released" field of a addon. An example of a addon with such case. The Coffee Cup! - User: mocha - Updated: Monday at 5:27 AM -...
  6. SteelT

    = Metroid Vanguard = Samus Aran in SRB2 [v1.2]

    That's exactly what Tatsuru is saying.
  7. SteelT

    [Reusable] Simpler HUD - Version 1.2

    Minor bug fixes and improvements
  8. SteelT

    [Reusable] Simpler HUD

    SteelT updated Simpler HUD with a new update entry: Version 1.2 Read the rest of this update entry...
  9. SteelT

    Welcome to the New SRB2 Message Board

    You was always to post images back when we was on the old MB though. @portscan
  10. SteelT

    Welcome to the New SRB2 Message Board

    It's nice finally using a modern forums.
  11. SteelT

    [Reusable] Random Map v1

    Small script designed for dedicated Kart servers, but normal Kart servers work too. Basically this adds a randommap command. When used, will warp to a random valid map. This mirrors the menu option behavior. Meaning hell maps will never be included, and only maps supporting the current gametype...
  12. SteelT

    [Reusable] Encore Mode Music

    NO LONGER SUPPORTED Still gonna be here for historical purposes thiugh. Original post: [/spoiler]
  13. SteelT

    [Reusable] Floating Items Despawner v1

    Something quickly I whipped up. Removes an dropped item if not picked up within 10 seconds by a player, to prevent first place from getting unusual items like invincibility/grow.
  14. SteelT

    Nightlight Ruins v1

    Decided to make a Kart version of my map from SUGOI. So here it is! I present to you Nightlight Ruins for Kart! Please let me know if you find any issues.
  15. SteelT

    [Reusable] Simpler HUD v1.2

    Originally named Game Gear HUD, but renamed because the more I thought about it, the more I realized it's not really game gear like. This mod takes a more simpler approach on how things are displayed on screen. TehRealSalt's Custom HUD library is used in this script. Uses customsave_io for...
  16. SteelT

    [Reusable] Token Hunt

    Something small I decided to come up with, in order to win the level, you have to find every token. For the best experience I recommend doing it in multiplayer.
  17. SteelT

    [Reusable] Old Special Stage Continues

    Simple script that lets you earn continues in the old style special stages. Which happens when you get half of the total rings in the stage. Goes well with something like birbhorse's Play Multiplayer Special Stages in Singleplayer
  18. SteelT

    HMS123311: Remastered Edition v2.1

    Here he is, HMS123311 in it's most* former glory ported to SRB2 v2.2. With everything you know and love about HMS to boot! (*) Some stuff won't be as accurate as it was in 2.1 due to changes between versions. Supporters / CoAuthors Alexmonk0 Blitzzo Cue HellHawkX JTE Katmint Monster...
  19. SteelT

    SteelT's votes - Autumn 2020 SP

    1. Galactic Facility Zone by Mondongo 2. Foliage Furnace Zone by Kanna/Kwiin 3. Shadow of Aztlán Zone by akirahedgehog 4. Fatal Factory Zone by Kuba11 5. Square City Zone by Riolucariolu 6. Gate Garden Zone by Ruberjig 7. Overgrown Heights Zone act 2 by InferNOr 8. Pagoda Park by Rogerregorroger...
  20. SteelT

    [Reusable] Simpler HUD

    Meant to get this out months ago. But life caught in the way, and then rewrote/changed a good amount of the scripts. But here it is. Version 1.1 Huge code refactoring Added the option to flip the character face (smplh_flipface cvar) A config will be created in luafiles now...