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  1. 123 Runite

    [Reusable] SRB2: Oceanic Cove Zone v.2.0

    Thanks for the comments, I hope they keep coming. I am glad at the least that this topic seems to be more active now. I'm getting somewhat further need to continue on this. I thought this is dead. It seems that splitting linedefs did fix the level's graphical issues. Otherwise, the level...
  2. 123 Runite

    [Reusable] SRB2: Oceanic Cove Zone v.2.0

    Over 150 downloads, I expected more comments than 9. Thanks those who have shared their insights. Currently, I have no clue what caused this to happen. How can this be fixed? I imagined "slicing" some of these rock FOFs and thought of its flats (top, bottom, or both) distinctly from its side...
  3. 123 Runite

    [Reusable] SRB2: Oceanic Cove Zone v.2.0

    This is Oceanic Cove Zone (OCZ) for SRB2. Because of all the changes that have been made since the last release here (August 22, 2009), I have decided to name this v.2.0. Some brief, and somewhat outdated, history of OCZ can be found here: ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to acknowledge all my...
  4. 123 Runite

    Floating, bobbing FOF problem?

    OCZ: Upon level start, a floating, bobbing FOF is intended to spawn on top of a damaging translucent water FOF with Effect 5 (water ripples effect) checked, just like how floating, bobbing FOF's are usually placed when designers want floating, bobbing platforms over water. However, the...
  5. 123 Runite

    Custom sounds (resolved)

    I'm trying to add my own custom ambiances, but instead I always get some annoying 'thoking' sounds instead of my custom sounds. I've named my sound lumps DSFRE001-DSFRE005 and the SOCs are exactly like the original water ambiances but with MAPTHINGNUM and SEESOUND changed. MAPTHINGNUMs go from...
  6. 123 Runite

    Solid, Translucent Bustable FOF

    I need some help in making a solid, translucent FOF that's bustable only by Knuckles or a gargoyle. I understand I can make solid FOFs without the translucency for such cause (Linedef Effect #254 with No Climb and Effect 4 flags set). I also understand I can use a Custom FOF to accomplish...
  7. 123 Runite

    WO123R: Oceanic Cove Zone 1

    <a href="#b7v151">UPDATE: CLICK HERE</a> As of Saturday, August 22, 2009. At first I was sure this would get done by the deadline for the OLDC of July/August 2008. But as school was about to start, I stopped working on it. This was originally made for 1.09.4. The earliest I can say I...
  8. 123 Runite

    "You need to unlock this level first!" (1.09.4)

    Note: This is for 1.09.4. I was making a level and gave it to my friends to test it. However, they always got the message (subject header) and can't play through it. My level replaces MAP01, and sector tags go all the way up to 426. I'm thinking, is my level is unplayable because of the...
  9. 123 Runite

    HELP: Wind Sounds

    I'm planning on putting some wind sounds on a level I'm making. How can you make such sounds louder when you're in a sector with F_SKY1 as a ceiling (sky, outdoors, outside, etc.), like the sound of rain in a level, but instead wind? I've tried using SOCEdit to make my own wind sounds, ticked...
  10. 123 Runite

    Stoney Mountain CTF Zone

    This level was supposed to be entered in the contest, but due to unknown official reasons not stated by the Administrators of the SRB2 Messageboard in regards to the map not making it to the contest, I'll post it here, hoping that I would get a decent amount of feedback on the level. Please rate...
  11. 123 Runite

    Red Volcano Zone COLORMAPS (probably founded out)

    Please READ the whole post for FULL understanding. I won't be asking for help often, but even after checking the WIKI, or even trying to open up RVZ, and looking at the SIDEDEFS for textures (colormaps in particular), I'm not entirely sure of the what the colormaps of the translucent LAVA and...
  12. 123 Runite

    Runite City Park Zone (Match/Tag) v. 1.1

    Runite City Park Zone is a Match level that is included in my MOD, World of 123 Runite (WO123R). Currently, the MOD is still in development and is a long way from being completed. I will not, however, provide a link to the past forum regarding WO123R. This topic should only be about Runite...
  13. 123 Runite

    World of 123 Runite MOD v.0.015 (current)

    Most recent area of the forum containing the most current update IF YOU DONWLOADED WAD, PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK IN THE FORM LIKE THIS: Part ONE Scoring - Rate each category from 1, meaning horrible, to 5, meaning there is nothing to make it better, or excellent. 1) Game Play 2) Storyline 3)...
  14. 123 Runite

    MainCFG and Scripts

    Hi PEOPLE! Using XWE, could you input scripts (what the characters say) into the MainCFG? If so, how could you?