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  1. Senku Niola

    SOC doesn't accept symbols

    SPRITEFRAME = wont accept symbols but accepts numbers and letters. Simple as this. Objects like players and invincibility sparkles use symbols for their sprites so it should be compatible for custom stuff too without needing to use numbers.
  2. Senku Niola

    Fixed Invincibility Sparkles Sprite Layering

    I dunno if this is a bug or not but I really feel like the layering of it shouldn't be the player in front of the sparkles but the sparkles to overlap the player instead when idle.
  3. Senku Niola

    Brak Eggman Boss inconsistent damage types

    2 small complaints here. 1. The lava isn't actually fire damage type lava like every other lava in the game. 2. Brak's flamethrower also isn't fire damage. I want to question the electricity sparks doing electrical damage, but I have no way to check it currently.
  4. Senku Niola

    [Not a bug] Thoksound Red Ring Sound

    These two sounds still share the exact same sound so if you set your Thok sound to say the armageddon shield sound, you'll get armageddon ring slinging as well. It'd be nice if these were actually split. This is both considered a bug and a suggestion to me.
  5. Senku Niola

    Lua Player Weapon Delay

    Back during the various builds of 2.1 I had this working just fine, but once 2.1 released I can't seem to make this work right anymore. My specific problem is that player.weapondelay = x just wont work; I'm trying to make the weapon delay longer so I tried 6*$1/4 and that didn't work it made me...
  6. Senku Niola

    [SRB2 Kart] Drifters Karts Pack

    Drifters Kart set for SRB2 Kart. Update (2/19/12): Senya's stats tweaked; she now has slightly less offroad/handling/accel, but gained a little speed. (Still wish she had slow speed, high accel, low offroad, good handling.) Sinkoo's sprites updated to be different from Senku's. Wipeout/hurt...
  7. Senku Niola

    Oh god another one

    Yes, I am working on a new character wad. Got bored enough to start work on the second or I should say 3rd Zim character for SRB2. Gaz! (First was Zim by SSN or something, second was a Gir, by I don't quite remember, for the old Mario Kart thing back in 1.08 or whatever.) Anyways usual proof of...
  8. Senku Niola

    [Reusable] SnowFlower Zone

    After all the talk of Xmas/winter themed stuff missing from SRB2 I started work on SnowFlower Zone, a wintery version of GreenFlower Zone. The entire Zone has been re-textured, a little layout changes, and water has been mostly frozen over, along with scenery sprites being recolored and/or...
  9. Senku Niola

    Invalid NoJumpSpin hitbox fail

    Snappers + nojumpspin character = occasional hurt to player. Simple as that.
  10. Senku Niola

    Invalid Prefcolor bug

    Characters with prefcolor = 0 turn out like this in singleplayer. No thok item nor spin item trails spawn, and the console says your color is "None". When you go to multiplayer after playing with said character they are changed to blue. Make it color 11/green instead?
  11. Senku Niola

    No Super Jump Boost

    Custom characters with lower than normal jump heights don't seem to get a jump boost when super. Can be seen via Mecha Knux wad when super. No jump height boost.. oddly enough. Knuckles although gets a jump boost.
  12. Senku Niola

    SRB2 DoomBuilder random 3D mode oddities

    Lately I've noticed SRB2DB 3D mode acting up with say FoFs. I'd try to change the height of one and it'd change the number but visually it would not change unless I rebooted 3D mode and sometimes it'd change the height of a surrounding sector instead, after rebooting 3D mode. Then with the exact...
  13. Senku Niola

    [Reusable] Chaos.wad

    Original Guardian of the Master Emerald has returned again, this time for 2.0. Original credit goes to Chrispy who I got permission to release this. 2.0 somewhat dislikes characters with no jump spin and gliding/climb and forces spin frames upon them when they stop gliding due to multiability...
  14. Senku Niola

    Taking this one step at a time: Senku Niola Wad

    Ok restarting from square one. It's slowly getting back to where it was before, and maybe this time I'll have an easier time animating the limbs and such, before they were too short for certain angles to look right.
  15. Senku Niola


    This wad was created from cleaned up official sprites and placed in the best offsets and frame placement I could to find to result a playable Metal Robotnik that seemed to work right, so I know this is sorta a sprite rip and am ready to accept any criticism about it. (Please note this wad has...
  16. Senku Niola

    Character System Ruined by STK?

    You would have guessed eventually I'd make a topic like this even though I've argued thousands of times about this issue sorta. Anyways onto the point, from thinking over about how the current character system is, all the official characters overpower any custom characters pretty easily. All...
  17. Senku Niola

    Senkuserv 2.0

    (UPDATE) 03/02/10: Update to some graphics here and there along with a collision modification for all replaced enemies. (UPDATE) 10/27/09: Ported from 1.09 to 2.0 Senkuserv returns. I've updated some stuff, downgraded other stuff, and removed some stuff as well. Crawla 2.0: Same as the 1.09...
  18. Senku Niola


    UPDATE (8/18/11): Fixed up spinitem for good till 2.1, hopefully. UPDATE (8/2/11): Slightly balanced the stats. UPDATE (9/4/10): Added to SOC reference comments. UPDATE (6/19/10): Stats redone and preview of new sprites. Minor color change bug quickly fixed UPDATE (5/4/10): Clean up to...
  19. Senku Niola


    UPDATE (5/4/10): Small lump update + Clean Up to lumps. UPDATE (3/29/10): Minor fix to runspeed. There was an issue in Lake Zone (SRB1) and Mario Koopa Blast 2 and 3 that was very noticable with the old version where moving left would display walking/running jumping back and forth while moving...