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  1. Ice

    Spiritual successors to SRB2?

    Hello all, Just stumbled across this game here from SAGE 2020 (Out-Class Hunter) and I was wondering if there have been any more original or fangame successors to SRB2? This particular game made me do a second-take just because it was so close to SRB2, aside from the realistic lighting. I...
  2. Ice

    Abandoned Airbase Zone V2 (SUGOI 2 Port)

    Welcome to... Abandoned Airbase Zone! Prepare to die get lost... This is a level from SUGOI 2 (SUBARASHII), the one people might remember as the gigantic confusing airport. How has the level has been updated for 2.2? Let's find out! More polish Less confusing routes (hopefully) A fancy...
  3. Ice

    The Icebox of Cool Level Design Tips and Tricks!

    ~INTRODUCTION~ Hi everyone! This is a bit of a strange thread, I know, but I wanted to do something a little different than just show off the few things I'm working on. This is intended to be a compilation of solid, easy-to-digest tips to help your brain sort through the massive amorphous blob...
  4. Ice

    What song makes you feel really strange?

    I've been listening to a lot of Aphex Twin lately, and I've found that most of his stuff makes me feel... odd. This odd feeling is very deeply affecting, and it gets under my skin in ways other music doesn't. I'll feel happy but uncomfortable and kind of depressed at the same time. There's a lot...
  5. Ice

    Reusing prior checkpoints

    Hi! Is it possible for a level to reuse a previous checkpoint after a later checkpoint has been activated? I didn't see anything on the "Star Post" article on the wiki about it, just about using the angles to set the order. Would this kind of implementation require use of socs or lua scripts...
  6. Ice

    Flee instead of Chase?

    Is there any way to make an enemy move away from you like it's running instead of chasing you like, well, mostly everything else in SRB2? I'm kind of a noob to socs, still, but I couldn't see anything obvious in the Actions page that would allow me to do this. Ideally the enemy would move away...
  7. Ice

    Bustable walls unreliable

    So in my level I have more than a few bustable walls, and they don't always work. Like, the player will spin right into them, and they won't do a thing, and then only on the second or third time ramming into them will they actually, y'know, bust. As far as I can tell, I set them up perfectly...
  8. Ice

    Red House (REDXVI's house zone!)

    Hello everyone! This was my entry for the OLDC (can't remember which one D:), and I've decided to put it in releases, mainly because: So yeah. This level is what happens when I try to get productive with my dusty unfinished-levels folder. I knew I'd never finish any of the levels individually...
  9. Ice

    Enemy Placement

    This topic came up yesterday on the IRC, and I wanted to hear some other people's thoughts on the matter. I was gonna put it in BZ4's level design discussion topic, but that turned into something else altogether. Anyway, when I make my maps, I place crawlas all over the place. I don't do it...
  10. Ice

    About "fog"

    Is it at all possible to make the fog in SRB2 look less like a colormap and more like what it looks like in minecraft? So less like this: And more like this?: So that it actually obscures stuff that's far away, but leaves colors and stuff in tact?
  11. Ice

    Polyobject help

    So I made a polyobject, and it's there and solid ingame, but the textures that I set for it don't show up. It just sits there, invisible. I set the front middle textures and everything, so why don't they appear ingame? How do I fix this?
  12. Ice

    Anime Movies you would Recommend

    Lately I have been watching some anime films, and I've really been enjoying them. They've mostly been Miyazaki, so that kind of explains it (considering that I dislike most anime). Even if the plot isn't all that great, I really enjoy watching the animation and considering the massive amounts of...
  13. Ice

    Osama Bin Laden is Dead

    If you haven't heard about this on the news yet, you probably don't own a working TV. We've chased this guy around for what, a decade? He's the face that pops up in most people's heads when they think "terrorist". Well he's finally dead, and everyone is happy and showing that dormant patriotism...
  14. Ice

    I have a dilemma

    See, I finally have the money to get a video game, but I have a tough decision to make. I'm stuck between two choices: Portal 2 -or- Crysis 2 This is on Xbox 360. I'm really torn on this one. Portal 2 looks fantastic with all the puzzles and the new stuff to play around with and all the...
  15. Ice

    What's a really good old(ish) game?

    So. I've got 15 dollars on amazon to spend on whatever. 15 dollars isn't a lot, but I've been browsing through the used games section, and I can get stuff like Gears of War and Left 4 Dead for like, 11 dollars. I don't want those games because I've played through them before. And I'm sure that...
  16. Ice

    Changing multiple sector heights at once

    How do you do it? I forgot when, but I remember Mystic saying something about a thing you could do with SRB2DB where you could change the heights of multiple sectors at once incrementally without making them all the same value. That's the best I can phrase it. Does anyone know how to do it?
  17. Ice

    Zoom tube/teleport help

    So, I've got this part of my contest submission where the player goes through a zoom tube and up into an fof that teleports you to another part of the map. However, when the player gets teleported, he simply stays in zoom-tube-mode and keeps flying back to the last waypoint, get's teleported...
  18. Ice

    Let's be honest, how is development going along?

    I mean, honestly, though it may be otherwise, it doesn't seem like you guys are working on the game. No real news updates aside from a few minor fixes here and there, no new hints at progress with the planned levels and stuff, and really, no tangible evidence that the big things are being worked...
  19. Ice

    Movies that you liked, but everyone else hated

    Like that one topic in Video Games. Don't forget your spoiler tags! I really liked Knowing. Sure, the ending was stupidly unexpected and strange, but IMO it's better than some generic 2012-esque ending. I stared dumbstruck with a perma-grin on my face as Oh and that bit with the burning...
  20. Ice

    The Last Airbender

    I haven't seen the movie myself, but from what I've heard, the movie is complete garbage. Hell, rottentomatoes ( gave it an 8%. That's less than a 1/10. I didn't really expect any better from the start. This movie had a lot of things going against...