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  1. Chaobrother

    [Reusable] Colorable Signs

    Colorable Signs is a basic resource wad which turns the majority of arrow midtextures available in patch.kart, textures.kart, and srb2.srb in to colorable paper sprite variants. This wad comes in two variants. K_ColoredArrows and KL_ColoredArrows. K_ColoredArrows is a basic SOC variant which...
  2. Chaobrother

    [Level Pack] Abstraction Pack

    The Abstraction Pack is a level pack containing 20 levels spread across 4 cups. These tracks occupy MAPGA-MAPGF, MAPGH-MAPGP, MAPZG-ZH and MAPZK-ZM. The maps also have Record Attack ghosts for practice. If some maps prove to be unsuitable for usage, use AbstractReduction.soc to trim this pack to...
  3. Chaobrother

    r_cosmicrift -A circuit map

    Hello fellow users I have been working on a level WAD for quite some time now. It is a circuit level called Cosmic Rift zone (It uses Map77). It takes place in space where you jump from meteor to meteor on a cosmic belt. There are stars and sector detail. Here are the screen shots and the...