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  1. SilverVortex

    is 2.2 even possible on dreamcast?

    unless 2.2 suddenly becomes super duper optimized, i doubt it. 2.2 barely runs on the switch, which is a couple of generations higher.
  2. SilverVortex


    i highly doubt it'll be a remake of sonic xtreme, considering the headliner zone is greenflower. from sonic robo blast 2. what i think it'll be is a remake of SRB2 TGF, in the same vein as the sonic robo blast remake.
  3. SilverVortex

    Large File Size Issue

    make sure every single one of your music files are compressed to the minimum ogg size, it turns out as about 1mb per individual song. the listening quality is nearly indistinguishable if you use audacity to do so, so don't worry about that when compressing.
  4. SilverVortex

    Massive Lag in servers (500 ms)

    shorter? absolutely. more simple to read? absolutely not, the way rapidgame formatted their explanation is infinitely simpler to understand.
  5. SilverVortex

    your first 100%

    i remember my first 100%ing experience very well, super mario galaxy 2. for the most part i really enjoyed it, but if you've ever played the game, you know how much of a slog it can get when you're going for the green stars. it was pretty enjoyable though, i'm very proud of the wii with that...
  6. SilverVortex

    Team Kinetic (Dirk, Whirl, & Vesola)

    seems that with the new update, the dirk and whirl pairing's CSS artwork doesn't display. this is the only artwork that doesn't show up. thankfully, i took a look inside the pk3 and found the incredibly minor issue (doesn't make it any less bizarre). it looks like the ampersand was...
  7. SilverVortex

    how do I port lua from 2.0 and 2.1.25

    that was already officially ported in the form of the modern sonic addon. regardless, did you get permission from spork to port it in the first place?
  8. SilverVortex

    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

    at one point yes, but shine has since added that that may not be the case. either way, you shouldn't ask about it and just wait.
  9. SilverVortex

    Should vanilla srb2 have custom abilities like other popular fangames

    disregarding the fact that thok and the upcoming ability for 2.3 already spit in the face of the abilities classic sonic already established >:) i'd love to see new interpretations of what sonic's cast of characters can do, it's my favourite thing to ponder and theorise. tails and knuckles in...
  10. SilverVortex

    addons that cannot be downloaded (english version)

    some addons haven't been updated to support the download button feature, but if you go to the first page of the discussion tab, you should be able to find the file at the bottom of the first post. hope that helps!
  11. SilverVortex

    [Reusable] FlowAbilities - the "There's No Such Thing As Too Similar To XMomentum" update

    wow this is a long time coming the mod has pretty much been reinvented to be a completely new experience! there are a lot of changes now, but here's a few of the standout changes. - momentum! you can now retain momentum, spread the word. awesome. amazing. - amy has like five abilities hoooly...
  12. SilverVortex

    [Reusable] FlowAbilities

    SilverVortex updated FlowAbilities with a new update entry: the "There's No Such Thing As Too Similar To XMomentum" update Read the rest of this update entry...
  13. SilverVortex

    [Reusable] FlowAbilities

    i do, they're referring to the original post (not the overview tab) which hasn't been updated since the old message board.
  14. SilverVortex

    [Reusable] FlowAbilities

    you'd be better off referring to the Overview tab, that section is always updated with the latest information.
  15. SilverVortex

    [Reusable] FlowAbilities

    as of release V4 (which is the current one), fang's bomb ability has been removed simply because it isn't balanced, nor useful and lags netgames. i may add a fixed bomb in future but don't count on it.
  16. SilverVortex

    Modern Sonic

    to be fair, they could've just fixed that and be done with it, but they're going the extra mile to make the mod a lot better. that, and the errors don't impact gameplay in the slightest so i wouldn't personally think it's a huge deal.
  17. SilverVortex

    silverchars: power incarnate

    neither void nor hellscape can accurately describe the incarnate realm. it has an...eerie beauty to it, but what matters to hibiki is that every square inch is a deathtrap. though, what is meant to be a void filled with nothing but destruction has a...castle. how peculiar.
  18. SilverVortex

    Modern Sonic

    atm all that v6 is confirmed to be adding is several sprite touchups, new visual effects and lots of bug fixes, whether related to 2.2.9 or not. at this point i don't think any new gameplay additions will be added.
  19. SilverVortex

    Imposter in SRB2 (Out)

    honestly, this looks extremely promising and could make for a really fun gameplay experience. i do hope that you try to make this mod in honour of the game itself and not the meme that it became over the past year, though.
  20. SilverVortex

    Modern Cream The Rabbit (Concept) [CANCELED]

    you should keep in mind that it's perfectly fine to want to make a mod of an existing character, you're allowed to have multiple interpretations! (why else would there be about twenty sonics on the mb alone)