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  1. SonicX8000

    SonicX8000's Single-Player Voting

    01. Hollow Hill Zone 1 02. Ante-Station Zone 03. Falcon Emissary Zone 04. Mercury Mine Zone 05. Lava Temple 06. Zaxel's Thunder Yard 07. Blizzard Bastion Zone 08. Koopa Kastle Zone 09. Fort Sunset Zone 10. Abyss Caverns Zone 11. Teal Tundra Zone 12. Ridge Rapids Zone 13. Music Mash Zone 14...
  2. SonicX8000

    Autumn OLDC Voting: Single-Player

    01. Foliage Furnace 02. Overgrown Heights 2 03. Galactic Facility 04. Shadow of Aztlan 05. Alabaster Fountain 06. Gate Garden 07. Pagoda Park 08. Emerald Aether 09. Knothole Coast 1 10. Dark Marsh 11. Fatal Factory 12. Hakuryu Dojo 13. Square City 2 14. Aquatic Port 15. Azlant Ruin
  3. SonicX8000

    SonicX8000's "Single-Player" Voting.

    Some of these maps were a difficult choice to make on where to rank them.
  4. SonicX8000

    Dead Players can trigger sector effects.

    In discord, there was a gif shown where BCZ3's lift was started early before defeating Brak. I also saw users triggering the exit in BCZ2 before the platform falls during a netgame. Taking a closer look to see what causes that to happen... apparently dead players can trigger sector effects...
  5. SonicX8000

    Bit of a oddity with slope angles launching you?

    Unsure if this could be a bug or if slopes are just picky with how they are used when it comes to angles. It wouldn't hurt to make a post about it just in case. In this gif, the walls are at at angles of 0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225 270, & 315. The floor height for these slopes are at 128 so...
  6. SonicX8000

    Confirmed 'FGZROKFL' isn't saved as a Flat Graphic & 'BLUEW1' has a stray red pixel.

    Unsure if this was reported but while messing about with Zone Builder I noticed a corrupted texture. Upon taking a closer look inside srb2.pk3... this flat texture isn't converted properly so if used as a texture it'll show up corrupted in-game. ----- Also got another texture error but a...
  7. SonicX8000

    [Reusable] SonicX8000's Huds & Fonts

    "SonicX8000's Huds & Fonts" is a pack of files that can the hud style, the font style or the console style. Such styles you may find here are kept close to the vanilla style or it may be a different style entirely. In this thread are individual files instead of one file as I feel that it's...
  8. SonicX8000

    [Reusable] Ring Counter - See how many Rings are in the map.

    Wanting to know how many Rings are in a map? Have you been trying for that Perfect Bonus but you have the feeling that you might've missed a Ring or a Ring Box somewhere? Then this script is for you. "Ring Counter" is a small lua script that scans for the Rings & Ring Boxes in the map. They...
  9. SonicX8000

    Confirmed Castle Eggman Zone 3: Crash as soon as the act loaded.

    Not sure how it happened since it occurred as soon as the act loaded... unless doing a 20+ Minute Emblem Hunt in Act 1 & 2 did something.
  10. SonicX8000

    Fixed [2.1.15] Splitscreen doesn't like Skyboxes...

    If the Bottom Player views the skybox and the Top Player doesn't view the skybox... the skybox becomes a nice HOM/DARKNESS/WARNING. It fixes itself if the Top Player manages to view the skybox in a way but breaks if the Top Player doesn't view the skybox again. It may also occur between the two...
  11. SonicX8000

    Fixed [2.1.15] Sea Egg oddness in Deep Sea Zone 3.

    Bug 1: Sea Egg randomly gets stuck in DSZ3 by using objectplace. I haven't a clue as to why this happens and I only managed to get it twice... well actually I just managed to catch it while grabbing a GIF of him going through the glass. ========== Bug 2: Sea Egg goes through the glass if...
  12. SonicX8000

    Fixed Damaged Force Shield Sprite goes back to normal after Invincibility.

    *Edit* Fixed topic. Thanks Katmint. This is perhaps minor and I bet this was unnoticed for quite awhile but if a player gets a Force Shield and takes a hit with it and grabs a Invincibility Box. Once that Invincibility wears off the Force Shield will show it's undamaged sprites even though they...
  13. SonicX8000

    Fixed Pop-Up Spikes on FOFs hurt you if you jump on them while they're in the ground.

    First pair of Pop-Up Spikes are on a FOF. If you jump onto them while they are in the ground... you get poked. Second pair of Pop-Up Spikes are on normal ground. If you jump on them while they're in the ground it doesn't poke you. ----- These spikes are on a FOF. If they're in the ground you...
  14. SonicX8000

    [Reusable] Lua - Ring Counter

    Been trying to get a Perfect Bonus but just don't know how many rings are in the level? Are you worried that you THINK that you may have all the rings collected but there's that one lonely ring that you forgot to grab? Lucky for you... this script will show you the way to nabbing that Perfect...
  15. SonicX8000

    Lua Script - Scan the Rings only once?

    Using MI's ringcounter script which basically tells you how many rings are in a level with a console command. I have it altered so it displays on the HUD rather than in the console. In case you need a screenshot... This is a very early screenshot by the way. This is what I currently have it...
  16. SonicX8000

    Changing Jump height during NiGHTS Mode?

    Normally during NiGHTS Mode on foot you jump really high and I was wondering if there's a way to set the jump height to the default values used in normal levels. I did try Custom Global Gravity but that didn't turn out well.
  17. SonicX8000

    [Reusable] Virtual Boy Blast 2 Returns.

    Ever wanted to play SRB2 on the Virtual Boy? Now's your chance with this file. *Virtual Boy system not included.* Yep, the same Virtual Boy Blast 2 that you heard of back in the 2.0 era and I figure I port it over to 2.1 after some minor changes. As usual, report any bugs if possible and no I...
  18. SonicX8000

    [WIP] The Return of GraphicX8000.

    Some of you may know about GraphicX8000.wad. Well seeing as I've been porting a few sprites from 2.0 into 2.1... some old and new and kinda getting somewhere. I figure it's time I started a topic about it besides in irc. I don't think words are needed, but rather some screenshots to show some...
  19. SonicX8000

    Giving the Chaos Emeralds extra frames?

    EDIT: Manage to get the emerald working correctly on maps and such with some help. THIS is what the script is suppose to be for them. And with that. The results. *Only showing the Green Emerald since once that got working the rest of the emerald should be no problem.* Now all there's left to...
  20. SonicX8000

    [Reusable] Virtual Boy Blast 2.

    *EDIT* Releasing a update as the cyan bit of the palette wasn't changed since I thought it was mainly used for the transparent pixel via XWE. *Turns out ACZ's Sky uses this and so if you looked up in first-person mode with ACZ's sky you'll get blinded by the cyan bit.* Altered some bits here...