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    Crashing with edit...

    I made a simple edit of sprites with a wad, and everytime that sprite spawns, the game crashes. Could someone see what I'm doing wrong? I'm using 1.09.4, and the sprite replaced is red ring.
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    Ninja and Bobomb

    I thought I'd re-release these since they are old. I know these are bad sprites etc, but these were created for their abilities. Ninja: Glide/Climb Character, exploding shuriken Sprited by Hobjoe, waded by me. Ninja Bobomb: Exploding double jump and spindash, throws bomb rings...
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    Wireless Nintendo DS WEP

    I recently switched routers (to a 2wire), and I have been unable to successfully connect with a nds without problems. If I leave WEP settings to open with passkey, then for some odd reason the ds will not connect. However, when I set it to shared with a passkey it will, but shared only allows...
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    Registry Fixer

    Does anyone know of a good, free registry fixer? I have been having a couple of programs have a "Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime Error." Would fixing the registry fix this?
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    Is it still possible to get hosting on sepwich?
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    I don't know if anyone is familiar with this, but I have a problem with getting a mid to be used as a cell phone's ringtone. I have uploaded it in the right directory, and I can play it through its media player. Unfortunately, it doesn't show up on the ringtone list. Does anyone know how to...
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    Computer Troubles

    Well, today I decided to try two old flying games that I have... but when I boot them up it gives me the blue screen and reboots the computer. Does anyone know a way to repair this? I tried changing resolution, but that didn't work.
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    Socing Question

    Is there a way to make fireflowers not change player color to white? Can you make fireballs not bounce? Also can they be made to work outside of mario mode? (without the ringslinger version) I am trying to make a character that uses fireballs so that he won't use up rings.
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    Windows Media Player 11

    I have been having trouble with windows media player lately. When I try to play a mpeg file it shows a visualization instead of the movie. Does anyone know the cause of this and or the solution?
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    This is my first soc release, and I have been experimenting with many things and states. I tried to make srb2 more challenging. I would like to know if it is any good.
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    mp3 player-ogg

    Does anyone know of a way to make a mp3 player play ogg files/know where a pluggin is?
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    When I make a movie with hyper cam it makes it only 3-5 seconds long even if i recorded for a hour! Does anyone know how to fix this?
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    SOCing Question

    How do you edit a flying character's ammount of flying? Also is there a way to SOC it so that the flying char has adventure flight?
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    Record and edit videos from games

    I know I have seen this somewhere before, but I can not find it again. What is a good prgram to make them?
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    Map Help

    I made this as a example of how to make quicksand, conveyor belts, rising platforms, and teleporters. Hope it helps people new to map making. If you think something should be added or changed just suggest it.
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    Try/Discuss I don't know much about it, and I can't try it.
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    The palette

    Is there a way to implement the palette into paint?
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    Map help

    I know this map stinks has bugs etc., but I would like to know what is wrong with it. So I won't make the same mistake. I have fixed a few object problems, and thanks to the help here is a (hopefully) fully working version. Note: it is laggy in software.
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    Ty the Tasmanian Tiger mod

    I have been thinking of making this. I have done a little work, but want to know if I should try to make it. If you don't know what it is go here. Look in my avatar for pic of Ty.
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    Link removed SSN Edit: Didn't you see the thread Mystic made about not posting old versions or you get banned?! I thought it just said don't ask. Sorry if it was against the rules, but I don't remember reading that anywhere. I didn't particularly like srb2jte. I only liked 1.09.2 for Zim.