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  1. SilverVortex

    Ball Bounce

    SilverVortex submitted a new resource: Ball Bounce - Boing! Read more about this resource...
  2. SilverVortex

    silverchars: power incarnate

    Note: This mod is far from finished. A vast majority of the animations are either nonexistent or are missing complete frames, and some of their abilities are extremely rough and not finished. Also, some of this footage was created in an older version of the mod, so some visual effects, sprites...
  3. SilverVortex

    [Reusable] FlowAbilities

    Always been tired of the same old charability uses? CA_TELEKINESIS not doing enough for you? This pack attempts to reinvent and expand on the vanilla characters' movesets to give them an extra oomph of speed, while also naturally integrating them into the gameplay without making them stick...
  4. SilverVortex

    [Reusable] Ultra-Sonic Abilities

    "Aw yeah, nobody can catch me now!" yes, this is indeed correct, we have a new batch of ultra-sonic abilities. nope, not even super sonic. ultrasonic. but wait, i hear, what even is in this pack of abilities for us to enjoy? well, i'm very much glad you asked. in this pack, we have five whole...
  5. SilverVortex

    [Character] Silver's Racer Pack!

    a character pack???? what? it's true! with currently all of...five characters. two of which being OCs. but what are their stats you say? well...hibiki's weak to ice, nulls fire, resists li--- meant kart stats, didn't you? alright then. hibiki kuruumiya (OC) speed: 7 weight: 2 sound...
  6. SilverVortex

    silver's stages V0.1.5 (green valley)

    wohohoah it's silver making his first post on this very forum! i'll cut to the chase here; i have some levels i've been working on for the past while that i want to publish to the public in an actual playable state. in this version there is only currently one level with two acts, being Green...