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  1. LancerAccelerant

    2.3 Discussion

    The Tails on the bottom looks more accurate to his original art for Sonic 2, plus Tyson Hesse draws Tails with a slightly shorter muzzle
  2. LancerAccelerant

    Jeck Jims' 2.2 3D Models

    I need to shut up
  3. LancerAccelerant

    Piko Pack

    May I ask what mods this uses edit: I just noticed the list
  4. LancerAccelerant

    [Open Assets] bird mod v3.1

    I have a slight feeling this won't be updated to work with 1.5
  5. LancerAccelerant

    Super Mario Bros.

    I do a lot of learning from my actions
  6. LancerAccelerant

    Squash and Stretch in 2.2.9

    It would be awesome if this did work with models but there's always got to be limitations.
  7. LancerAccelerant

    Super Mario Bros.

    What do you think I'm doing now? Learning from my stupid decisions.
  8. LancerAccelerant

    Super Mario Bros.

    I don't know what program to use and I'm also so goddam bad at anything that isn't just drawing
  9. LancerAccelerant

    Super Mario Bros.

  10. LancerAccelerant

    Super Mario Bros.

    rule 15? 1657648691 fair enough, I don't really make great decisions
  11. LancerAccelerant

    Super Mario Bros.

    I just want someone to make models of Mario and Luigi like Jeck Jim's models but there are bearly any models of Mario and Luigi at all.
  12. LancerAccelerant

    Super Mario Bros.

    People that can make models are scared
  13. LancerAccelerant

    Super Mario Bros.

    Their too scared to make models
  14. LancerAccelerant

    [MP Level] Ωmega Tracks

    What the hell is UNLOCKORR.soc for?
  15. LancerAccelerant

    Dano's Partially Accurate Models

  16. LancerAccelerant

    Nyoom Launcher

    I uh can't use a god damn launcher! because of this. All I have to ask is why.
  17. LancerAccelerant

    Mattioz Alternative HUD

    Those colors to gameplay where do find?
  18. LancerAccelerant

    Jeck Jims' 2.2 3D Models

    I don't understand how to make Amy work with Xmomentum
  19. LancerAccelerant

    [DISCONTINUED] Pepper-Minted Models: Official Game Models

    Why doesn't Deton work?
  20. LancerAccelerant

    [Open Assets] Almost Software Shading

    how do I enable the cfg?