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  1. StarManiaKG

    Custom Gamemode Level Exiting

    So I'm having trouble with getting a level for a custom game mode I've made to end. I've tried doing somethings in Lua but some of it doesn't work. Can someone help? EDIT: to specify, the mod is like a fighting mode. When you kill all the players in the map, it doesn't end the game mode. This...
  2. StarManiaKG

    [Reusable] Deathrun™

    Getting bored during this time when we're all indoors? Well look no further. This map brings a new Gamemode called DeathRun! What do you do? You run through the map avoiding the (invisible to the Runners Team) trap buttons! At the end, you use your amazing aiming in Ringslinger to take them...
  3. StarManiaKG

    [Reusable] Triple Trouble Spring Spin!

    Have you ever wanted to not be completely defenseless while jumping on a spring or going into a whirlwind or more? Well now you can! This Lua allows players to go into a spin animation AND use their abilities at the same time, so no more hassling about losing your rings to a crawla! To activate...