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  1. Jake10102006

    Nintendo Switch

    Obligatory chat about how hyped (or un-hyped) people are about the NX. State your opinions!!
  2. Jake10102006

    How does one Slow Down Tunes?

    In older builds of SRB2, players were simply able to slow down or speed up tunes by typing in "tunes <track#> <speed>", but as of recently, that doesn't seem to work anymore. I always liked to listen to Deep Sea Zone Act 1 slowed down slightly from time to time, it always sounded pretty angelic...
  3. Jake10102006

    Mega Man Online Showdown

    This game is one of the best Megaman (Mega Man) fangames I've ever play, it's also an mmorpg, so give it a try.
  4. Jake10102006

    Animal Crossing 3DS

    This is the game I've been wanting for awhile now, any news or thoughts of the game so far?
  5. Jake10102006

    Know your Meme

    This is a topic for Memes of all sorts.
  6. Jake10102006

    Was you Love to Hate

    Wads that are so bad they deserve the title of "Epic Fail". Edit: D'oh put the title in how do I edit the title....hehe