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  1. Cutedy

    Port Forwarding via Windows Explorer

    I've tried to put the IPv4 address too (I think that's the local one.... right?), and it still didn't work. Didn't get any errors, after I've pressed OK after putting the IPv4 address, though.
  2. Cutedy

    Port Forwarding via Windows Explorer

    Trying to use this guide. I'm trying to put my IP in (from, but it keeps giving out an error like "The internet gateway hasn't accepted your changes".
  3. Cutedy

    Cutedy's SRB2... Stuff.

    I didn't work on this port since days.... Currently, I didn't really have interest and motivation in it. However, this doesn't mean I'm going to cancel it. I will work on it, someday, probably..... Or now. :knuxsmug:
  4. Cutedy

    Cutedy's SRB2... Stuff.

    Actually, for Amy, I would just use her 2.2 counterpart.
  5. Cutedy

    Cutedy's SRB2... Stuff.

    Hi, I also do... modding stuff. Currently, I have 2 SRB2 projects: a port of SRB2 Heroes and Cutedy's House, a hangout map. Sometimes, I will show off progress of them in this thread. I'll start with SRB2 Heroes first. Me and ffoxD are working on a port of SRB2 Heroes! This port will enhance the...
  6. Cutedy

    How has school been? (if you did go to school recently)

    School didn't start for me yet.
  7. Cutedy

    what is your favorite sonic fangame

  8. Cutedy

    S o n i c h e e e r r o o o e s

    Honestly, I think Heroes is a good game, even if some of its shit are cheesy. Its graphics are great and the gameplay is fun! Some of its musics (like What I'm Made Of and Sonic Heroes) are a banger. Sonic Adventure 2 and 1 is definitely better, though.
  9. Cutedy

    Favorite food?

    Yes, I know there are multiple threads like this, but they are old and closed, so here's a new one. Soup: Bean soup In general: Kasha (Grechka) Fast food: Pizza, burger, french fries I also like mashed potatoes with either schnitzel or fish.
  10. Cutedy

    Any not so popular games you like?

    Well, I like the Neighbours from Hell (not to be confused with that one adult animated sitcom). It's funny and I also used to like it when I was a little kid. I have beaten the first game 100% a few times, while the second game... I think I've only beaten it 100% once?? This year, I've played...
  11. Cutedy

    Neo Metal Sonic in SRB2... (WIP)

    Go to and click the white/blue button named "Discord Server" there.
  12. Cutedy

    Sonic Rush Duology Discussion

    I would rather make a seperate thread for Colors. I like that 3D models are being used in the games. Actually, did you know that in the E3 beta, there's a sprite sheet of Advance Sonic? I've heard it could have been used instead of models during development. TCRF says that "These can be seen...
  13. Cutedy

    General project screenshot/video thread

    I used to work on a SRB2 map, which was a recreation of Castle Grounds from SM64/SM64DS. I stopped working on it, but I released the map on the SRB2 Discord server!
  14. Cutedy

    Sonic Rush Duology Discussion

    What do you think about Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure? Personally, Sonic Rush is a good game. It's fun to boost through the stages and try to get a higher rank! It has pretty graphics aswell. What I like about the game is that it's made for the Nintendo DS. DS games on emulators run fine...
  15. Cutedy

    How did you get your username?

    In 2015, I've created my OC named Cutedy. He was like a combination of Freddy Fazbear and Sonic. His look was originally an edit of Sonic from that one SM64 ROM hack by Flotonic. The name "Cutedy" came from Freddy, and then I replaced Fred with Cute. This was because I thought my OC looked cute...
  16. Cutedy

    What's up with your signature?

    It's a quote from the Japanese Sonic 1/Sonic 2 box art.
  17. Cutedy

    Strange First Person Effect

    Are you using Software? If so, then that's normal. Use OpenGL, so that the strange effect disappears, unless you use "Lack of Perspective", which then has the strange effect again.
  18. Cutedy


    add a seperate key for retrying in record attack to make retrying faster (like binding where you bind something to a key, you press that key and it instantly happens)
  19. Cutedy

    [Reusable] ChrispyChars (Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails)

    okay so i tried this out. it's a good mod but the crouch and the peelout feels odd. the peelout feels odd that i just need to hold the jump button to charge it, there should be an option for pressing the jump button multiple times to charge it imo. could there be an option where the crouch is...
  20. Cutedy

    [Reusable] ChrispyChars (Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails)

    what an amazing christmas gift! gonna try this out and will give my opinion