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  1. Xkower8181

    [Reusable] Zone Builder

    According to the SRB2 Wiki there is a way to make this run through Wine You just need to get dependencies installed with winetricks.
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    [Reusable] SRB2 Kart Switch Port

    For the people asking for port of regular SRB2. it already exists
  3. Xkower8181

    [Reusable] Game Gear Signpost

    Well, I tested it and it works just fine good job.
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    [Reusable] Jetty-Syn Proto V2.1.1 - Back for more! (Updated 9/7/2017)

    If you are busy doin something then this is the review in nutshell: WOW THIS IS AMAZING! 5 stars out of 5 good job. Now back to proper review... So let's start with visual design. The character design is nothing too good nor too bad and I like it that way but the details like the HUD elements...
  5. Xkower8181

    [Linux 32 bit] hud.disable can't disable "weapon rings"

    So i downloaded the SRB2 2.1.16a Source Code from GitLab and compiled it but this error pops up every time the game tries to disable the weapon rings. So the first screenshot is the error itself spammed all over the console. and the second one is the proof for the version being 2.1.16. EDIT...
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    [Reusable] Project: Genesis v2.1b (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Music Mod)

    YOU NEED TO COMBINE THEM USING HJSPLIT WHAT THE HECK! if you don't you will have corrupted/incomplete wad! Note that wad is over 100mb! you can't send wads this big to SRB2MB servers. but they always could use dropbox/mediafire/mega/other file sharing website to download the intire file
  7. Xkower8181

    [Reusable] Project: Genesis v2.1b (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Music Mod)

    FOOLS! FOOLS EVERYWHERE PEOPLE USE HJSPLIT to combine these files into one big file and then open the combined file and then use the combined wad from the combined file.
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    [Reusable] Xkower's NPC (More than SF94-Serv)

    Hey I actually forgot about that. Going now to make that!
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    I kinda give him already the anwser but he still guess... By the quote on the Monster's post for Nomekop that means that well he had to guess whre is his help in this project thing...
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    I checked throw the code and my npcs have your second color shoes that have the same color as the npc so that interesting?
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    [Reusable] Xkower's NPC (More than SF94-Serv)

    Oh sorry I misread the post I shall look into that lua to see how it works.
  12. Xkower8181

    [Reusable] Xkower's NPC (More than SF94-Serv)

    Match NPC are meant to fight eachother and players at the same time but currently the NPC vs NPC feature is broken and I don't know how to fix it.
  13. Xkower8181

    [Reusable] Changable Secondary Colors

    Well they just don't have shoe overlay sprite so they are unsupported right of this momment.
  14. Xkower8181

    [Reusable] Xkower's NPC (More than SF94-Serv)

    I interesting idea but i'm not good at Thokker so If I made the strategies for playing it it will just suck but thanks anyway for support and suggestion!
  15. Xkower8181

    [Reusable] Xkower's NPC (More than SF94-Serv)

    I wanted to have a name that is quick to add in console because npcs is hard than bots also the pushbots is getting removed but i will work to make it compatible with new in works version
  16. Xkower8181

    [Reusable] Xkower's NPC (More than SF94-Serv)

    Cool idea I will try to work on it Thanks for suggestion!
  17. Xkower8181

    Xkow's editing problems

    So I decided make this fancy editing help topic where I don't have to make a topic for every single tiny problem. But now here's the first one: [/SPOILER] So yeah I think that can be fixed.
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    [Reusable] Xkower's NPC (More than SF94-Serv)

    Well thanks for suggestion. I will try my best to get you that nice function in the next version
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    [Reusable] Xkower's NPC (More than SF94-Serv)

    1. Yes it is and because it's reusable I can take it as a base for my modification. 2.Well if all Match NPCs die you should wait for new ones to spawn. emm sorry but I went a little lazy and forgot to put the changelog for the Match NPCs so it's here it is now...