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    [Reusable] Sonic Robo Blast 2 The Past (SC_SRB2thepast1.01.wad + Mutiplayer and bonus)

    I haven't been able to unlock, so I can't tell you.
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    [Reusable] Project: Sphere [V.2 is out now!] (mtf_projectsphere_v2.wad)

    Eh what? What idiot would do that?
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    SRB2 Complete Soundtrack

    I want to export the entire SRB2 Soundtrack, specifically the song for Nimbus Ruins (TUNES 91). It's one of THE BEST songs in the soundtrack, alongside the DSZ2 Remix. (TUNES 9) I just get to figure out how to do it with XWE. If you guys can help AND help me get an exact replica of what you'd...
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    [Reusable] Super Monitor! (supermonitor.wad)

    This is the best Misc. WAD I have seen, other than senkuserv20.wad. If 2.x had Hyper Sonic, then you could probably have a Hyper Monitor. (There was one in S3&K!)
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    [Reusable] Alternative Match System (Meleeweapons.soc)

    SRB2 crashes when I use the Photon Shroud and Perfect Thok. Those are the only ones I've tested aside from Zero Shot. EDIT a day later: WARNING: These only work in srb2win. They DO NOT work in Srb2MFE. Love the ring scatter. HOWEVER, the rings will keep flying away from you unless shoved...
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    [Reusable] srb2Morphed.exe []

    You probably tried to add something different, via a spelling error.
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    Need spriting program other than XWE!

    I can't find a program that can sprite well that IS NOT XWE, due to the fact that XWE doesn't work on Vista.
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    Leeon the Fledge WIP!!!

    Okay, so you guys can yell at me for being an *** for that past couple years. But I'm here to make it up to you! I'm now working on a (99%) original character WAD. I admit, it's gonna be partially based off of Shadow, but there's several things that will be adjusted, added, and removed! Also, I...
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    JTE mania

    Any one interested in helping me de-bug SRB2 Universe and get it in a new version of JTE? I'm gonna need good programmers and wad makers. I've already got a wad with the next few levels of the SRB2 Universe legacy on my computer. And JTE, never take things out of other things until you know that...
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    Leeon wad releases! And aelita too!

    Leeon and Aelita are about to be released! you search for sonicfreak9 on freewebs. sorry, my html is off. So i can't give you the links. Oh well! Leeon contains sms and hms123311 sprites, while Aelita uses amy sprites. WARNING: Aelita is buggy and slow, so don't use her until updated. You can...