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  1. Wombatwarlord777

    Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

    I can't believe this hasn't been mentioned on this forum yet. A third Giana Sisters game has, after a stormy development, just been released. Although its predecessors were little more than the original Super Mario Bros. in drag, this game features entirely original gameplay: Getting around is...
  2. Wombatwarlord777

    Lucky Day Forever

    Before I get too much into this, I should say that the following links are not work-safe, so don't click on them if you're in the presence of the boss-man or anybody else you want to make a good impression on. Also, if you're squeamish about such things, the links specifically contain nudity...
  3. Wombatwarlord777

    Turkey Genocide '11

    So, another year has passed and we in the US once again feel obligated to take a day or more off of work and school and stuff our maws and collapse in front of our television sets. How is your Thanksgiving holiday shaping up to be? Mine was fairly typical. My grandmother takes a lot of pride in...
  4. Wombatwarlord777

    Webcomics you would recommend.

    Because we've had this topic for movies, so why not for webcomics? Subnormality is a gorgeously drawn comic strip by one Mr. Tree (not his real name). It is about the human experience in general, both the things we tend to say and those we don't. Also, there's a man-eating sphinx in there. Can...
  5. Wombatwarlord777

    Electronic Addictions

    I think this thread will be ironic and contradictory for a couple of reasons. Also, there will be some whining, and the text will be long. Here goes nothing. I currently have what I consider to be an unhealthy addiction to electronic media, specifically to the internet and to videogames. I...
  6. Wombatwarlord777

    Good, but old, games

    Scary as it seems, I think I might actually be maturing. Well, maybe not. Let me set the scene for you guys. I recently sold off a lot of the games I've accrued in disc form, including Sonic Adventure DX and 2:Battle and Heroes. For various reasons, though, I held onto a few select games of...
  7. Wombatwarlord777

    Who are your favorite musical artists?

    I suppose I've been trying to... expand my musical horizons lately, for a lack of a better term, and I think you guys might be able to help. I've recently been enjoying DJ Shadow, whose Endtroducing was introduced to me by the discussion facilitated by Bigboi in the Colosseum. So, what artists...
  8. Wombatwarlord777

    Something Mildly Interesting in Knuckles Chaotix

    So, I'm finally playing Knuckles Chaotix and am generally hating it. But that's another post for another thread. Anywho, I was wondering if this has happened to any of you who have played the game. The player partners with other characters, the two losers of which are Heavy and Bomb. I'm...
  9. Wombatwarlord777

    Best program for recording videogames?

    So there are some freeware games, like SRB2, that I would like to record during gameplay, with sound. I'd also like to be able to easily upload the recordings onto YouTube. Can you guys suggest some good programs to do this with? I've tried WeGame already, but I can't seem to open the resulting...
  10. Wombatwarlord777

    [Reusable] Rosy the Rascal (Updated)

    Sort of off topic, but how much time did it take you to make this Rosy .wad, Chrispy?
  11. Wombatwarlord777

    "We're looking for a couple of good villians..."

    I posted a topic like this long ago, but my first post derailed and it never really got anywhere. I suspect that some people, myself included, generally enjoy villianous characters more than their corresponding heroes. For me at least, it's in part because villians tend to be more bombastic...
  12. Wombatwarlord777

    [Reusable] SRB2: Fall

    So, does this mod change textures based upon date? That'd be cool. Also, I'm going to second Kyasarin in saying that I love the wall textures in the first screenshot, but the ground looks way too dark, almost as if somebody had scorched the grass. Maybe you could make it lighter with some...
  13. Wombatwarlord777

    Uncut Subbed Sonic X on Hulu

    Yeah, so there's a topic like this on Retro. Bite me. Anyway, I've never had a chance to watch the Japanese Sonic X, always hearing that it was much better than the English version. But now Hulu has episodes 1 through 26 in their uncut, unaltered glory and subbed for your convenience. If you're...
  14. Wombatwarlord777

    [Reusable] Project DAMN (Previously D00D64's Junk)

    God, you don't type that in every time, do you?!?
  15. Wombatwarlord777

    Evil Otto and Other Videogame Villians

    Note: To skip a very large and irrelevant essay, please scroll down to the "tl:dr" section. Thanks for your cooperation. "Gather 'round children, and you shall hear The tale of Evil Otto. If you ever see his smiling face, 'Run like Hell' would be my motto." The year is 1980 and the game is...
  16. Wombatwarlord777

    [Reusable] Forest Fortress Zone (scr_forestfortresszone.wad)

    Well, I'm not saying anything that people here haven't already said, but your zone was visually beautiful and showcases the "broad and open" school of SBR2 level design level well. Kudos also on the interconnected multiple paths and the use of Spring Hill's BGM. That said, here are my critical...
  17. Wombatwarlord777

    [Reusable] Air Glider

    I imagine it'll be the same for DCZ3, eh?
  18. Wombatwarlord777

    The Classic Tracks You Love

    Ladies and gents, I'm curious: What are your favorite musical tracks in... uh... videogamedom? Myself, I've always been partial to the mesmerizing vocals of Palmtree Paradise, Wario Land 4... ...Conversely, this ear-piercer from Sonic Spinball is one my personal favorites... ...And who...
  19. Wombatwarlord777

    rRootage: Bullet Hell on the Cheap

    I was going to post this in the Touhou topic, but everyone seems to be pretty enveloped in discussing that series. Anywho... Here's a freeware bullet hell game entitled rRootage. It's similar to the Touhou games in that it's vertically...
  20. Wombatwarlord777

    "Held by the Taliban" New York Times Article

    I don't often read the paper, but this particular story in the New York Times caught my attention. It chronicles the capture and captivity of a journalist by the Taliban, and his eventual escape. Here are the appropriate links: Part One -...