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  1. CaioGamesBLOXXER

    sonic dlc in minecraft

    Sonic the Hedgehog is finally on Minecraft! What are your thoughts on it?
  2. CaioGamesBLOXXER

    banned on srb2

    hey moderators, is my ban permant or temporary in the discord server?
  3. CaioGamesBLOXXER

    how do i play nsf songs on android?

    i was using the rebellious music pack but it didn't play any music, can someone tell me how do i play nsf songs on android?
  4. CaioGamesBLOXXER

    android port does not work

    when i opened the game, the game closed itself, someone please help
  5. CaioGamesBLOXXER

    using shaders

    i wanted to try opengl but i wanna use a shader that fixes the sprite clipping problem is there a shader that solves this problem?
  6. CaioGamesBLOXXER

    What are grinding sprites?

    recently frank and dummie has grinding sprites but i have a question: what are grinding sprites?