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  1. Rotes!

    Confirmed (2.2.8) Changing skin color in OGL is janky.

    As demonstrable, changing the skin of your player gets a little wonky if your renderer is set to OGL. Nothing like that ever happens within Software. For noting, I thought it had something to do with my SRB2 copy, but no amount of total uninstalling then clean installing was ever sufficient to...
  2. Rotes!

    [Reusable] KReworkD 1.8c - Moveset reworks for Sonic and Tails, new Force Shield ability

    I'm quite fond of this particular re-balancing .pk3. It has not only brought me an actually quite versatile and entertaining, while being much less of a instant-win button, Sonic's moveset, I'm also in awe with the major changes brought for Tails, which it has done a perfect job to diminish...