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  1. rocklight124

    Assassin's Creed 2, Black flag, Unity, or Odyssey?

    Tell me which one you prefer. I love Ac2 and Unity. But Odyssey is a good game, but not a good Ac game.
  2. rocklight124

    Which one is more broken to you. Sonic Adventure, Adventure 2, or '06?

    Which one is more broken to you. Sonic Adventure, Adventure 2, or '06? Because let's be honest they are all broken and I think it's about time someone brought it up. Sonic '06 doesn't deserve all the hate it gets. The Adventure era is quite broken, and I'm kinda tired of the nostalgia card.
  3. rocklight124

    Mega Man X, which is your favorite?

    Which Mega Man X title is your favorite. I would make a thread for the Zero games, but I haven't played it *braces for impact* please don't kill me for saying that. I'll leave the Zero series to my brother!
  4. rocklight124

    Who wants the old Sonic back?

    I miss the good old days where Sonic was cool like in the Adventure era and well everything before Sonic colors. He was cool and had this sense of Veteran hero to him. He was wise and powerful, and I'm not just talking his speed. His ability to talk a big bad down without punching them in the...
  5. rocklight124

    We need a Suggestion thread

    I think we need a Suggestion thread for people that want to take request, but can't because of the rules. Like let's say there is someone who want's request or is just looking for some idea's. I think it will be helpful for people that need idea's, but can't think of any.
  6. rocklight124

    How cool would it be to have a way to restart SRB2 without shuting it down

    What do you guys think about putting an option in game to restart the game so you can being on your favorite levels?
  7. rocklight124

    Sonic Forces, Lost world, or 06?

    If you could only pick one which would you prefer?
  8. rocklight124

    What do you think about having a stage 2 for Sonic's run cycle?

    I think Sonic needs a stage 2 for his run cycle like in Sonic Mania. What do you guys think?
  9. rocklight124

    Lance-a-Bot script broke

    Yesterday A Lance-a-Bot got stuck in the air not sure how it got there, but the script was broken because it could not be killed.
  10. rocklight124

    Invalid Base characters run speed all the same

    I noticed that Tails can run just as fast as Sonic and Knuckles.
  11. rocklight124

    Xbox controller Trigger auto fires

    In the latest patch 2.1.25 my Xbox one controller keeps firing my right and left triggers.
  12. rocklight124

    Help with ability switching lua

    i am trying to make a switch for a character so they can have a different ability's like the homing thok but i can't get the action speed change and then revert to normal addHook("ThinkFrame", do for player in players.iterate if (player.cmd.buttons & BT_CUSTOM2) and...