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  1. 夏樹日陰

    Srb2dd 2.1.15

    When I open srb2dd 2.1.15 opengl I cant even see anything its just a white windowed srb2 and it doesn't go fullscreen when i use srb2dd no opengl its still windowed and when i go to options theres no setting to fix its all windowed resolutions.
  2. 夏樹日陰


    StephenLovesJiggly has been flagged and now he is unable to host, he was flagged because of someone being abused in match and a noob got mad and decided to flag. Stephen didn't do anything wrong it was mainly the people in the server.
  3. 夏樹日陰


    Does anyone have osu, my osu account name is SuperSonicStar I have 1 SS 26 S's 26 A's I use touchpad which makes osu a bit of a struggle but I still get through it :P. My favorite map on osu is "Happy End Of The World" In this game I've had my RQ. If you have osu why not tell me your name
  4. 夏樹日陰

    Masterserver down

    When is the MS gonna be back up and running?
  5. 夏樹日陰

    Geometry Dash

    Have you ever played geometry dash before? If so how many demon levels have you beaten and does it make you rage quit at some point? Its free in the appstore at least I think so and in the playstore you have to buy but here's a link for free geometry dash Snip! No piracy here sorry -- Monster...
  6. 夏樹日陰

    SRB2 2.1.12 crash

    When I try to join a server my srb2 crashes for no reason...
  7. 夏樹日陰

    Clash Of clans

    Now I know there has to be someone who plays COC. If you really do play COC, what is your town hall, favorite troop, favorite spell, and the your clan in? (You don't have to tell your clan if you don't want to.) Mine:Town Hall 6 Favorite troop: Golem Favorite Spell: Rage Clan: 97dreamteam
  8. 夏樹日陰

    Bringing back 1.09.4 Wads.

    On my opinion I really think that we should bring back 1.09.4 Wads. 1.09.4 was my favorite srb2 version the wads there were also good. For example Eggmanway5 pretty good wad that I think should come back. But tell me do you think its a good idea to bring back old wads from 1.09.4?
  9. 夏樹日陰

    What is your favorite anime?

    For the people who loves anime what is your favorite anime? Mine: Death Note