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  1. Ackeneister

    Black Eggman freezing in place

    So I was messing around with Bandages Reborn, as you'd expect. However, something caused Black Eggman to freeze in place just before his second phase. Here's a gif.
  2. Ackeneister

    Which Sonic character is your favorite, by far?

    You know, the past few Sonic games have always made me want to play more and more of Sonic than I could expect. I have at least 5 favorite characters, one of them being Knuckles. So I want to ask this question: Out of all of the characters in the Sonic universe, which of them is considered...
  3. Ackeneister

    Configurations have reset for some reason.

    Ok, this one is kind of a dumb thing, but here goes. So I was testing some mods on GreenFlower Zone 1, one of them being Bandages Reborn. But for some reason, when I closed the game and opened it up again, everything was reset to it's default settings without me even knowing. Anyone knows...
  4. Ackeneister

    SpamDash messes up Amy's hammer. Great.

    Who the F*** thought making Amy get shot straight into heaven when she uses her hammer with SpamDash added was a good idea I'm honestly very concerned