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  1. MADVAL2

    Robotniik (from the early srbii intro)

    He existed back in June but SNNTails yeeted him off the Message Board
  2. MADVAL2

    Sonic Adventure Genisys

    This is much better than the last Terminator movies that came out...
  3. MADVAL2

    SRB Dream Emulator

    How can i pass day 1,i can't even do it,it's like,yeah we will lock you alone because of nothing... nvm i did it but i can't even pass the day 2...
  4. MADVAL2

    Meta Knight

    That is Amazing,specially in the menu where you seen him flying around for hours and for hours.
  5. MADVAL2

    Metal Knuckles & Tails Doll - Sonic R Characters

    Sir could you please post it on Here?
  6. MADVAL2

    SRB2 Cursed Images

  7. MADVAL2

    Came back after i had struggles with Malware.

    So probably you may ask why i haven't been online for 10 days,well,the awnser is inside the rock,i had a virus on my computer that completly gave me several blue screens of death,screen freezing and of course lag,which i ended up pressing CTRL + ALT + Delete several times until my PC...
  8. MADVAL2

    [Reusable] Game Gear/NES Palette

    Reject 21st century,return to 20th century!
  9. MADVAL2

    Pierre the Peacock

    One question,does he have eyes on it's feathers?
  10. MADVAL2

    [Reusable] Callie Hedgie (CallieMacN) The Dessert Update

    Maybe it's the limit of addons enabled.
  11. MADVAL2

    [Reusable] Callie Hedgie (CallieMacN) The Dessert Update

    Did you try enabling it?
  12. MADVAL2

    [Reusable] Nasya the Weightless - V2.0.1 - The Pants Update

    Same for me,she is bad at fighting bosses and racing.
  13. MADVAL2

    [Reusable] Nasya the Weightless - V2.0.1 - The Pants Update

    Can't wait to try her new update.
  14. MADVAL2


    a question,is the addon russian?
  15. MADVAL2

    Rosy The Rascal, Now With Rosy Lite! (v2.1 Abilities)

    I remember playing with Legacy Rosy 8 months ago,damn,i feel old.
  16. MADVAL2

    [Reusable] Nero Cladius, HASHIRE SORI YO (cl_padoru.wad)

    Can't wait for Zero Two.
  17. MADVAL2

    [Reusable] Rafael (REMAKE!) [v4.4] - The Super Redesign Update

    Can´t wait for Alejandro to exist
  18. MADVAL2

    [Reusable] Raboot [v1.1a]

    This is way too underrated
  19. MADVAL2

    [Reusable] Cman Version 3.1

    Reminds me of Henry Stickmin
  20. MADVAL2


    1 Question again,does it come with a 1990s sedan?