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  1. TeriosSonic

    Metal Anyone v3 - Post your ability ideas here!

    Silver Sonic is already planned. also yeah it's called like that but I'm too lazy to change it rn I'm going to change it when I get back to working on this
  2. TeriosSonic

    [Reusable] Reminiscences Character Pack (Dr.Pepper) - Version 1.0!

    I'm here to bring some news. First of all, Kasumi is no longer the leader of the project. She did some... pretty messed up stuff to say the least. I'm going to lead the project from now on. Second, the whole addon is going to be remade from the ground up! (except the sprites and such of...
  3. TeriosSonic

    Metal Anyone v3 - Post your ability ideas here!

    That IS what I'm going to do, but in some cases it's just... still not viable. Making the enerbeam by itself would take a lot of time to do, same with Yoshi's tongue. Not even sure where would I even start with copying abilities. Coding isn't that easy. Yeah, in fact the mod is very much alive...
  4. TeriosSonic

    Metal Anyone v3 - Post your ability ideas here!

    Hello, it's been a good while since I've actually updated this thread, so I'm going to give some news: Metal Anyone v3 is not cancelled. However, he's going to take a while. The plans for the update were too ambitious, and this request thread... hasn't helped much to be honest. For anyone...
  5. TeriosSonic

    Mario Level is in srb2 2.2 but not mario?

    There already is one. It's just that it hasn't been released to the MB.
  6. TeriosSonic

    Lose Tails Or Else - SRB2 Edition

    TeriosSonic updated Lose Tails Or Else - SRB2 Edition with a new update entry: LTOE v2.1 - Minor Fixes Read the rest of this update entry...
  7. TeriosSonic

    [Reusable] Lose Tails Or Else - SRB2 Edition - LTOE v2.1 - Minor Fixes

    *Changed the addon to a .pk3 due to it having a SOC now. *Added the ability to make a map be ignored by LTOE through its map entry. *Fixed ERZ2 cancelling LTOE due to there being a boss. *Now the script properly accounts for Tails dying.
  8. TeriosSonic

    Lose Tails Or Else - SRB2 Edition

    TeriosSonic submitted a new resource: Lose Tails Or Else - SRB2 Edition - How fast can you run from the fox? Read more about this resource...
  9. TeriosSonic

    [Reusable] Lose Tails Or Else - SRB2 Edition v2.1

    Lose Tails Or Else - SRB2 Edition How fast can you run from the fox? As the name gives out, LTOE consists of escaping from Tails as fast as you can. This was inspired by GT Koopa's Sonic 2 hack rom, but has quite a few differences due to it being completely custom code. First of all, the...
  10. TeriosSonic

    [Reusable] Sonic 2006 - Extended Port

    If the creator of the port wants to fix this, they should set player.hasnomomentum to true when on mach speed sections. This should enable the speed cap back and make the mach speed sections not break. By the way, mach speed sections can be HELL to control in Simple Mode. This should be fixed if...
  11. TeriosSonic

    Teen Sonic in Kart!

    It's Sonic, a little ball of super energy in an extremely handsome package. Now he has blue arms and separate eyes! He went through some trouble before reaching SRB2Kart. But now he's truly ready to race! Voice clips are taken from Enderpreston's Movie Sonic mod for Sonic World...
  12. TeriosSonic

    [Reusable] Reminiscences Character Pack (Dr.Pepper) - Version 1.0!

    A collection of characters from multiple authors, ranging from versions to 1.0, all the way to 2.1. Dr.Pepper's Characters: Changelogs: Upcoming Additions for v2: Credits: Hope you guys enjoy this add-on as much as we did making it! Supporters / CoAuthors Appleblurt Badnik...
  13. TeriosSonic

    [Reusable] Snolf the Golfball

    For some reason I keep getting this error when I try running the Everybody's Snolf command: don't mind my odd folder naming :cring:
  14. TeriosSonic

    [Reusable] Re:Overdrive - One Last Sinister SOC

    This character makes spamming Jump an actual strat... and I love it. You can do a lot of tricks just with Jump and Spin. It's also really impressive how you managed to pull off this ton of stuff just with SOC, I heavily depend on Lua for coding characters on the most part (the only exceptions...
  15. TeriosSonic

    [Reusable] Red Rings

    OMG THE RED RINGS is back.
  16. TeriosSonic

    [Reusable] Rouge The Bat (Legacy) [v3.1]

    Okay, I'm kinda late here but if you still wanna do it just DM me on Discord [TeriosSonic#4976]
  17. TeriosSonic

    [Reusable] Reminiscences Character Pack (Dr.Pepper) - Version 1.0!

    It was pretty fun to work on some of these, and I definitely learned lots of stuff while doing it! I see you haven't updated the whole post though, since Mighty's description still says he has SSNMighty's moveset, when he's got the new GT-based move now. also i'm still credited only as the dude...
  18. TeriosSonic

    [Reusable] Reminiscences Character Pack (Dr.Pepper) - Version 1.0!

    Yes we are, in fact we're very close to finishing the update. Only thing holding us back is bugs.
  19. TeriosSonic

    [Reusable] Snolf the Golfball

    It was nice snolfing through GFZ1. This sure reminds me of Roly Poly Putt. Though for some reason Snolf propels a lot higher underwater.
  20. TeriosSonic

    [Reusable] Micro

    Why don't you make him have 16 rotations like the other pre-render mods? Other than that, cool mod! It's cool to see Micro back and better than before.