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  1. TheSilentGuy

    How Can I Host A Server

    I wanna host desert bus but I don't know how Please help.
  2. TheSilentGuy

    Can we Roleplay in srb2

    Is RPing allowed in srb2?
  3. TheSilentGuy

    Help with srb2 on a folder

    Solved patch.pk3 dint download
  4. TheSilentGuy

    what files do you need to make SRB2 a folder

    Hi Im silent guy i need help making Srb2 a folder i have Srb2K too does any body know i think i put right files but it says A WAD file was not found or not valid. Check the log to see which ones Pls help
  5. TheSilentGuy

    Cant Update to SRB2 Version 2.2.2 help

    i have the SRB2 patch file i need a tutorial on how to do it
  6. TheSilentGuy

    How to make a mod

    i wanna make a character does anyone know how to make one? btw im using SLADE
  7. TheSilentGuy

    Uhmmm How do you get the shadows

    I need to now cuz if theres a setting PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME ( Solved! )