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  1. MADVAL2

    Came back after i had struggles with Malware.

    So probably you may ask why i haven't been online for 10 days,well,the awnser is inside the rock,i had a virus on my computer that completly gave me several blue screens of death,screen freezing and of course lag,which i ended up pressing CTRL + ALT + Delete several times until my PC...
  2. MADVAL2

    SRB2 Lagging on Bigger Zones

    So i was Playing SRB2 and then zones such as "Castle Eggman Zone" and "Arid Canyon Zone" Lags for me,Can Someone Help me Please
  3. MADVAL2

    SRB2 Cursed Images

    So this is a Thread About Cursed Images on SRB2,Please Post Them Here,This is an Example So Cursed Images must be Posted Here if Cursed,if not,Never post it
  4. MADVAL2

    KCL causes error on Kart for me

    so when i enabled a KCL addon,it causes a error when starting time attack mode,same with the custom tracks,someone help me please
  5. MADVAL2

    SRB2 says error when opening

    So decided to install the patch for my SRB2 and when i tried to run it,it says error and wont run,someone help me please
  6. MADVAL2

    Campaign Mode Not Working on SRB2 Kart

    So When I Played SRB2 Kart,There was Only Time Trial Mode,Wich I Was Like,Where is the Campaign Mode,Please Help
  7. MADVAL2

    An Apology

    I Said Hi But i Got Warned,I'm New,Ok? And I'm Sorry For Misspelling
  8. MADVAL2

    Error When Starting a Game That Saves or a Time Attack

    So When i Enabled an Addon Like Dirk The Husky,Then When i Start a New Game with Save,It Says Error,Cannot Work in a Modded Game,Same with the Time Attack,Please Help