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  1. Jake10102006

    Henry Stickmin

    I find it a bit funny that Henry can still shoot is gun in the NiGHTS stages! Intentional or not, it's funny hearing a gunshot every time you hit the breaks.
  2. Jake10102006

    How did you find srb2

    I discovered SRB2 when I randomly came across a video about an easter egg in version... 1.09 I think? The one where RedXVI exits the house and sends you to heck. Looked up what all the fuss was about (never found RedXVI, SRB2 updated and took him out at that point but I was a nieve lil teen)...
  3. Jake10102006

    SRB Dream Emulator

    I can't get out of the first area after you touch the cube. I'm not sure what to do. There doesn't seem to be anything to interact with upstairs other than some doors that make a soft knocking noise when I run next to them, and a hallway that pushes me back. Same issue with downstairs too! I...
  4. Jake10102006

    SRB Dream Emulator

    Everyone's having issues with day 2, I can't even get past day 1!! I've been stuck in this one room for h o u r s!! I'm not sure how to continue! 😭
  5. Jake10102006

    [Reusable] Hard Sonic

    Okay, real review! I gotta admit, this character is absolutely broken... And I love it! It's practically an all terrain Metal Sonic! They can burst through Knuckles paths, practically stay flying forever so they can reach Tails' paths, and burst through spikes, so he can get through Amy and...
  6. Jake10102006

    [Reusable] Legacy Rosy

    I honestly expected her Cyclone Drill to make Rosy jump higher on springs, similar to her regular hammer attacks, but honestly I'm super glad that wasn't the case. I feel as though a move like the Cyclone Drill should be relegated to bouncing on badniks alone, it just adds to the difficulty of...
  7. Jake10102006

    Isabelle (v2)

    Gotta say, the sprite quality is top notch on this one! 100% on model!
  8. Jake10102006

    T v1.3 (now in pk3!)

    I gotta say, this wad's gotta really cute artstyle! T's pretty fun to play as too! He fits the type of play style I aim for!
  9. Jake10102006

    Inazuma the Deer

    Welp. Don't play on Sugoi's Sky Labyrinth with Inazuma! You'll straight up get stuck there! Aside from that though, this character has a really fun playstyle! It's simple, it's complex, it's everything in-between!! Inazuma's super fun to play as!
  10. Jake10102006

    SRB2 Top Down

    Um...found a small bug. If you fly too high in the Topdown Terminal as Tails, the game crashes. Only problem is I'm not entirely sure how to post the crash report since I'm kind of a newbie at that sort of thing... Edit: I've replicated it three times in a row. It's a pretty easy bug to...
  11. Jake10102006

    Silver The Hedgehog [dot pk3]

    I... They clearly mean the next version of Silver. The version that's currently in the process of being made.
  12. Jake10102006

    Nintendo Switch

    Obligatory chat about how hyped (or un-hyped) people are about the NX. State your opinions!!
  13. Jake10102006

    [Reusable] Jetty-Syn Proto V2.1.1 - Back for more! (Updated 9/7/2017)

    It's strange. Proto's morph ball doesn't seem to wan t to work in Sugoi's Sky Labrinth for me. It was working fin in the previous version. It's weird...
  14. Jake10102006

    How does one Slow Down Tunes?

    In older builds of SRB2, players were simply able to slow down or speed up tunes by typing in "tunes <track#> <speed>", but as of recently, that doesn't seem to work anymore. I always liked to listen to Deep Sea Zone Act 1 slowed down slightly from time to time, it always sounded pretty angelic...
  15. Jake10102006

    Mega Man Online Showdown

    This game is one of the best Megaman (Mega Man) fangames I've ever play, it's also an mmorpg, so give it a try.
  16. Jake10102006

    Animal Crossing 3DS

    This is the game I've been wanting for awhile now, any news or thoughts of the game so far?
  17. Jake10102006

    Know your Meme

    This is a topic for Memes of all sorts.
  18. Jake10102006

    Was you Love to Hate

    Wads that are so bad they deserve the title of "Epic Fail". Edit: D'oh put the title in how do I edit the title....hehe
  19. Jake10102006

    [Reusable] f_FranticForest.wad (Frantic Forest Zone 2.0!)

    I REALLY like the originality of this wad, at first I didn't figure why some of the tree bark on some of the trees were blue but that's when I figured out it was a Match Map...(I REALLY loath that mode)...but, the maps still great, keep up the good work ^w^
  20. Jake10102006

    [Reusable] Custom Character Ability: Stomp Attack

    but how do you add this soc to the characters...sorry im new to this...