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  1. MacmanXD

    What Happened To Master Server?

    Ok man i joined this thing like a month ago so. thanks
  2. MacmanXD

    What Happened To Master Server?

    Just Opened the game, i was to go play to Multiplayer, then there are no servers, so i Come´d here in forums cus when i try to get in Master Server but says "Oops! We ran into some problems." I Dont know what happened so I would appreciate if someone Can Tell Me What happened. Thanks. Edit: Hope...
  3. MacmanXD

    SRB2 Multiplayer

    Justa question, who was playing with u?
  4. MacmanXD

    Friday Night Funkin' Thread.

    Good Game, The songs are "Fresh" GOTE´M LOL ok no and the mods are basicaly: 99% of the mods are just, SPAMING ARROWS (cof,cof, heckbeats, whitty, tricky, foolhardy, cof,cof) but yea nothing like heck............ No?
  5. MacmanXD

    How'd you get your profile picture?

    Mine, Is Simple. Search "SIMP" in google images
  6. MacmanXD


    Heya Bud, Welcome