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  1. kel

    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

    If spring tricks end up happening, try matching them up with Onset Adventure's spring tricks (the new ones with the wip update) Going up keeps angular momentum, horizontal is basically a dash.
  2. kel

    What's up with Modern Sonic v6?

    got something to back you up? bet it's bouta be another v5 lol
  3. kel

    What's up with Modern Sonic v6?

    I've been hearing and seeing some things about a v6 update or something, need some insight honestly.
  4. kel

    SRB2 on Web Browser!

    yeah scratch anything related to srb2 ios, patience for something I can play it on will just be the way. Thanks for the video though.
  5. kel

    SRB2 on Web Browser!

    how would you do that? just curious
  6. kel

    What You Liked About 2.1 before 2.2 Released in Early December of 2019

    that's just a year and four and 1/2 months lol
  7. kel

    Max Control Sonic - Full Power

    Nice to see it finally out, but what happened to the original strike state?
  8. kel

    Modern Sonic

    You can change the color with "rushglow" in the console, you can disable it by setting it to 'rushglow lapis.' There are some cool skincolors here also:
  9. kel

    Modern Sonic

    No there isn't? Are you specifically talking about the effect or the mechanic?
  10. kel

    Modern Sonic

    Could you not please? He's not gonna, we all can agreeably say this mod has been finalized. A quickstep really wouldn't help at also considering how sensitive the controls are at all times.
  11. kel

    What happened to the web beta?

    I actually know, I have contact with the dev and we're somewhat friends. He's dealing with personal stuff, mainly from what I got. He's implementing a new loading system when you start up the game, it basically abates the loading time entirely. It's taking a while to translate all the code...
  12. kel

    Adventure Sonic (SA-Sonic) Progress

    That's some next level visual foolery I just experienced, love the intricate effect for the run particles.
  13. kel

    Modern Sonic

    No, because that's entirely pointless. If you can't play the current version that's your problem, no one is willing to do something that'll only affect like 10 people.
  14. kel

    Random dude steals a whole bunch of mods and packs them into 4 different pk3s without credit??

    My gosh, after reading the entirety of this thread I'm just baffled something like this happened. I'm really not gonna condone massive amounts of theft and claims of ownership of stuff they clearly don't own. There is absoutely no way this "Master" character is 13 at all, let's not assume that...
  15. kel


    Wait, this isn't a 2.2.9 level building feature....
  16. kel

    The SRB2 podcast: Sonic Robo Cast 2

    What happened to Episodes 1 and 2? Trying to rewatch them but it's not on the channel videos section, any answers as to why?
  17. kel

    Modern Sonic

    Love these skincolors for rushglow, use the wave version so it looks nicer.
  18. kel

    [Reusable] Animated default colors + My own

    OpenGL breaks the animated colors, even if you disable it after it breaks. If you're in OGL disable it and set it to the color you want again.
  19. kel

    Dreamcast Sonic (DC-Sonic) Progress

    Nice...? In all seriousness this entire scheme should just be forgotten in the dust, this really shouldn't have been a thing.
  20. kel

    A thread about my opinions on SRB2 "mod beggars"

    Well if you think @Jer isn't cool, learn some self-accountability if you know what that means in the first place. He's trying to help you improve so you aren't collectively hated by some, those people and community creators aren't forced to release stuff for you.