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  1. Phantom-blade

    A small question about map/level themes/styles/genres. +Two other questions.

    Are levels in other styles such as exploration, hangout/roleplay, puzzle, horror, etc. allowed to be uploaded on here? I mean, SF94 has hangout/roleplay-based maps, SRB2 Hub is partially a hangout/roleplay map, and that one Green Hill Zone based exploration map? So are maps of certain themes...
  2. Phantom-blade

    Dark Blue Color

    This question has been on my mind for a very long time, Remember the Dark Blue color from 1.09.4? Why was it removed and is it gonna return in 2.2 or somewhere in the future?
  3. Phantom-blade

    Is tails' sprites gonna get remade for 2.2?

    Knuckles' Sprites has been remade, Sonic's newly remade sprites will be in 2.2, but what about Tails? Is he gonna get remade for 2.2 or do we have to wait until the next version after 2.2? He is just gonna get left out.
  4. Phantom-blade

    Are SOCs still a thing?

    (I had no idea where to put this.) I have one ridiculously stupid question, are SOC(s) still a thing and around or no? I had this question in my mind for the lest few days.
  5. Phantom-blade

    SRB2 Wiki - Level Header... Thing

    A long time ago, The SRB2 Wiki's page, the Level Header page had an base for the Header. But after those days, the base for the header was gone. Is that a mistake, or intended?
  6. Phantom-blade

    SRB2DB can't find cmcs21.ocx

    I believe Fawfulfan already had this problem. I'm using Windows 7 just like him but it was old, except at the beginning it worked. After a fuck-loads of months of being not on SRB2, I started going back to making levels, with the cmcs21.ocx in the folder, But when I click 'Edit MAINCFG...
  7. Phantom-blade

    Custom Objects

    How do you make solid/not solid objects? Like a rock sprite would be solid, and a flower (like in GFZ) is not solid. Does anyone now how?
  8. Phantom-blade

    Something odd about 2.1 Special Stages

    I figured out something about the new special stages. Sonic transforms Super when Sonic could NOT transform without the Chaos Emeralds. Am I right? (I already know the direction the thread is already.)
  9. Phantom-blade

    Walking/Running Sounds

    Title says it all, How do you make stepping sounds, (Multiple sounds) And similar to Tails from Sonic R Making step sounds when running: Flying sounds? Can somebody help me?
  10. Phantom-blade

    SRB2DB problem

    (Didn't know where to put this.) Just came back from being busy, and came back to level making but. The 0 number button (keypad) was not working. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
  11. Phantom-blade

    Climbing on non-climbable walls

    This bug happens when you climb a normal climbable wall next to a non-climbable wall. I have made a level to demonstrate that. *I would put a gif here but wouldn't work for some reason* Is it easy to fix?
  12. Phantom-blade

    Object Shows

    (I love Object Shows!) Object shows are AWESOME, I will link you to best ones! Battle For Dream Island (Again) (BFDI(A)): S1: S2: Object Overload (OO):
  13. Phantom-blade

    PB's random spriting and level making stuff

    Wow...It's time for me to have my own Spriting and level making Thread Yes, Helping and giving tips is allowed To the Thread we go, And this is my work... Criticism is allowed and.... Other stuff... too... Helping, Tips and Criticism Allowed... A random untitled enemy and a blue flower. ¬_¬'
  14. Phantom-blade

    PB's Epic Level And Char WADS Problems/Fails

    This is the thread that I may use if I have problems... Well, This problem a character wad... 1. The sprites get confused... 2. (PS: Do not think that this thread is pointless, I'm looking at you all.) So... Anyone help me to fix these problems? (I use SLADE, But f*cks my WADS up.)
  15. Phantom-blade

    Phantom-Blade's SRB2 2.1.9 or 2.2 ideas

    As you all know that the glow is removed and should be added back in SRB2 and new colours from this thread and Monster's color ideas. (And the return of dark blue, and the characters super form colors AND 1.09.4's grey and 2.0's yellow.) New textures/flats, skys, EVERYTHING! I think the colours...
  16. Phantom-blade

    FOFs crashes my game!

    I am making a level, and when I made a FOF (water), it crashes SRB2! Can somebody help...?
  17. Phantom-blade

    Srb2 - Sonic and Tails needs new sprites.

    I think it's about time that Sonic and Tails finally needs "new looks". When are they gonna get new sprites? The current sprites are old and "rusty" as we looked at them for God-knows how many versions.
  18. Phantom-blade

    Bean The Dynamite (Duck) WAD

    Since there is no Bean WAD, I decided to create my OWN Bean WAD... Current sprites...: Give some criticism!
  19. Phantom-blade

    Textures/flats gets replaced by ????? textures...

    Remember these textures/flats? And other textures... Why were they replaced by ????????-like textures? Are they supposed to be deleted? (Also forgot to say that I could not see them unless I type their names in - in SRB2 Doom Builder). (And I did not know where to put this).