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  1. Kineso Naranja

    EMW5 Levels

    I wasn't sure where to post this, since Eggmanway 5 is not for I wasn't sure if posting it in the SRB2 section would be appropriate...I guess this could always be moved if need be... But simply put, I've made this topic for a reason. I've seen a few people make critique or just...
  2. Kineso Naranja

    Riddle Me This, Eggman

    What do you get when you take a programmer, a mapper, a few sprite artists, a little creative help from all around, and put it together? EGGMANWAY 5 + ENCORE That's right. The new, improved, and remade Eggmanway 5 is nearly finished and here. And this time, it's coming packaged with the...
  3. Kineso Naranja

    Well take a look at this

    [Updated] "Eggmanway 5 Pyramid Cave Speed Run" "Eggmanway 5 Promo" "DarkBrad Prototype" "Character Promo: Shadow the...