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  1. Metal-Rawr

    3DS Friend Code Thread

    Starting this since I've been playing my 3DS a ton ever since putting my eyes on Sun/Moon. Plus I feel like it'll be nice to have a organized place for this. I'll personally add anyone who PMs me or lets me know he added me somewhere on the internet. My Friend Code is: 0989 - 1765 - 4380 if...
  2. Metal-Rawr

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth!

    Oh boy am I excited for this. This is better than Christmas! Yesterday, the image of CoroCoro's newest issue was revealed, with info on a probably new Pokemon game using 3D models for the 3DS. I didn't post about it because of the lack of information, and it might've been some false alarm...
  3. Metal-Rawr

    E3 2012

    So the Electronic Entertainment Expo is going to take place in less than a month, and I thought that instead of people making different threads about each game/console shown, we use this thread to discuss about it all. Anything you guys are specificly anticipating for?
  4. Metal-Rawr

    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    I think it's Jecks' models. Look for his topic under Releases.
  5. Metal-Rawr

    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    D00D, everything dies at some point. That's a reason to not do anything? Nope. It will get it's glory or whatever while it still exists, and then move on. That's the fate of everything.
  6. Metal-Rawr

    [Reusable] Flux Satellite Zone (Generations Remake)

    Flamer Chaw-haw-haw.
  7. Metal-Rawr

    [Reusable] Flux Satellite Zone (Generations Remake)

    So I'm playing this right now... I'll update this post with bug. 1. The glass with lava behind the player when he spawns, on the left can be walked through. And the lava doesn't hurt. 2. You can get into the 2D mode in a wrong position- making you unable to grab rings. 3. Walking into the red...
  8. Metal-Rawr

    [Reusable] [SRB2 Riders] D00D Kart 64 - Mario Kart Level Pack!

    I was the one that seen the spring in the first place, Mr. knowitall.
  9. Metal-Rawr

    [Reusable] [SRB2 Riders] D00D Kart 64 - Mario Kart Level Pack!

    Then make a graveyard level. Pleeeeeasseeee.
  10. Metal-Rawr

    [Reusable] [SRB2 Riders] D00D Kart 64 - Mario Kart Level Pack!

    Pretty sure that the... cube stage, forgot what it's named, has some gray textures for roads on the cubes. It's not all the same color.
  11. Metal-Rawr

    Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion

    Sooo I was on my 3DS's eShop just now, and I looked at the "Games In Stores" tab... and I've seen this. It basicly looks like all of our favorite and old Cartoon Network characters like Samurai Jack, Powerpuff Girls, that Grim Reaper guy and Dexter on a Super Smash Bros. game. It looks pretty...
  12. Metal-Rawr

    [Reusable] SRB2 Riders 2.46.5

    Can you make it so getting out of the road in Mario Kart actually slows you down? Like in the first Mario Kart stage, there's grass, it doesn't slow you down. Maybe provide a new FOF/SOC that does it so mappers will be able to use it.
  13. Metal-Rawr

    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    I have a question, are mirrors available in OGL?
  14. Metal-Rawr

    [Reusable] SRB2 - Community Build! - Full color Edition! (PNG)

    I wouldn't say he's better than all of the other develeopers. He didn't START the project, after all, he took something that existed and edited it. I'm not saying he's BAD, but the best... Dunno.
  15. Metal-Rawr

    [Reusable] Super Monitor! (supermonitor.wad)

    Oh, my bad. I did play Sonic 2 a bit and some others. They just weren't really that fun for me. For some reason SRB2 is, I don't know why...
  16. Metal-Rawr

    [Reusable] Badnik's weapon SOC

    Oh you mean the Rail Ring? *brick'd*
  17. Metal-Rawr

    [Reusable] Super Monitor! (supermonitor.wad)

    I don't like the classcic games okay? Sheesh... Never bothered to play them. I only played a very few amount of Sonic games as well, I just watched some videos about them.
  18. Metal-Rawr


    Well, the closed beta just became available to play today, and I must say this game's freakin' worth the fact that they didn't fix Galactic Adventure's glitches. You can actually play together in this (actually, it's SEPUSED to be played with other people), you can unlock and customize diffrent...
  19. Metal-Rawr

    [Reusable] Super Monitor! (supermonitor.wad)

    Wait what? Not everyone in the Sonic world can go super, only (or at least, USUALLY) hedgehogs can. Tails & Knuckles were only effected by Super Sonic's aura at Sonic Heroes, they didn't really go super...