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  1. Xkower8181

    [Linux 32 bit] hud.disable can't disable "weapon rings"

    So i downloaded the SRB2 2.1.16a Source Code from GitLab and compiled it but this error pops up every time the game tries to disable the weapon rings. So the first screenshot is the error itself spammed all over the console. and the second one is the proof for the version being 2.1.16. EDIT...
  2. Xkower8181

    Xkow's editing problems

    So I decided make this fancy editing help topic where I don't have to make a topic for every single tiny problem. But now here's the first one: [/SPOILER] So yeah I think that can be fixed.
  3. Xkower8181

    [Reusable] Xkower's NPC (More than SF94-Serv)

    Hi It's me again aka Xkower and today I think it's time to finally to release my greatest creation ever... THE NPCs and yes I got this idea from SF94-Serv but it's more than it's base and I build it from scratch. Also by the way it map number is 1416 (1417 for pushable and match ones) and it's...
  4. Xkower8181

    Lua Question

    So can a a object increase it's SpawnHealth by colect a ring (i know that colecting the ring by other object is possible but i don't know that increasing SpawnHealth is possible)? So yeah that whole question.
  5. Xkower8181

    Braky flashes like he has seizure and he doesn't die also skybox is broken and so HOM

    Hi guys It's me Xkower and i discovered a bug! So i did when i hitted brak and then i used the kill all enemy cheat and this happened
  6. Xkower8181

    Problem with a small lua script

    Hello this me and this time I have a Lua problem So here's a code And here a screenshot of an error
  7. Xkower8181

    [Reusable] Air Glider for 2.1

    Hi guys thanks to LJ Sonic's SOConverter i can make ports of this soc and many ones too. So what is it? It an simple SOC that makes the missile of old Brak a it's own object. Content: Included in zip file are: The SOC itself The testmap Credits: chi.miru for the orginal SOC Chi.miru's...
  8. Xkower8181

    Xkower's Fancy Bowties (Wip)

    Hi it's me Xkower and this time a got a quality project about BOWTIES! (color changing shoes, top hats aren't you have enough of these type of wads but here another!) It's based on Nomekop's Second Color lua but i will edit it to not clash with that one wad (so that means the bowtie will have...
  9. Xkower8181

    My Custom Boss always disappers if he try to use his pinch attacks

    The title of thread say what's my problem and so here i give you my soc EDIT:Monster Iestyn helped me in irc chat so this thread can be closed
  10. Xkower8181

    Setting other player states to have Tails like PickUp

    I just want to make able to catch gliding or clibing Knuckles and catch other people who were catch'd also catch super sonic who is gliding and my only question here is this possible to make and if this is possible did i should use SOC for it or LUA.
  11. Xkower8181

    My friend's registering problem

    Hi it's me Xkower and my friend from SRB2 Skybase (his nickname is sethseth6) has problem with registering here because he got something like this He really want to join here but as I said he can't because of that thing. Also I'm posting it here because Help forum is for SRB2 not SRB2 MB itself.
  12. Xkower8181

    [Reusable] Elite Moving Turret Crawla (EMT Crawla)

    Hi guys and today I'm realising my new SOC which is a Custom Boss that can be used in your level pack but you need to put my nickname in the credits. Anyway it's based on Lat's (I have permission to edit his enemy) AMT Crawla and it has a edit of GFZ3 as a test map. It's map thing number is...
  13. Xkower8181

    Eggman totally with nothing! (Wip Character)

    Hi guys It's me Xkower and i started the new project which is Eggman with nothing (even without the jetpack). I decice that all other projects (besides the Tails Doll) are going to be canceled! Screenshot: I hope you will like it :)
  14. Xkower8181

    I have problem with every object in srb2 (including even players)

    Please help me i have a problem that makes every object appear when i am close to them and disappear when i go away from them. That's so annoiyng that makes everything in srb2 unfun...
  15. Xkower8181

    Luigi character for SRB2Kart

    Hello guys here's Xkow and I gonna show you my new character project which is Luigi for SRB2Kart. Stats: Top Speed: -1 Handling: +4 Recovery: +3 Sprites: Screenshots: Progress: All sprites for forward and back was been made but i need to add voice and other sides. (40%) Edit:Started working on...
  16. Xkower8181

    What is Timer SOC?

    When i readed the rules i seen this but the only thing hat jars me that what are timer SOCs? (I know what is SOC)
  17. Xkower8181

    How to add Unidus' SpikeBalls into another enemy.

    I want to make armored Snailer with Unidus SpikeBalls but it don't work here's how the code looks Did i should add something or make more socs for making this work?
  18. Xkower8181

    Something strange while editing Eggman Monitor.

    I wanted when Eggman Monitor icon desappear it will explode like Bomb Ring to make Eggman Monitor's attack surviveable but when i was testing even when i go away from explosion it still hurt me... Here's SOC
  19. Xkower8181

    Xkower's Projects

    Hello guys here's some my projects which i now working on. 1.Bob (a random stickman character from mugen which i liked for some reasons.) This is bob and it's here oldest project also it's first here to be already inplement to SRB2. Screenshots from SRB2: 2.Modern 8-bit Mario This one don't...
  20. Xkower8181

    Did SRB2 work with PC Port Forwarding

    Today i donwloaded setup for program called PC Port Forwarding just for port forward my SRB2 but i don't know if this program works with SRB2.