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  1. ThunderNova

    [Reusable] MT_SurferMatchZone (V2.0)

    You didn't read past that part of my post.
  2. ThunderNova

    [Reusable] MT_SurferMatchZone (V2.0)

    Alright, I don't want to be that guy, but how did this even make it through level submission? From what I see via the only screenshot, the map looks barebones at best, much less a good enjoyable one, which is to be expected from newer members. However, there's also literally no way to actually...
  3. ThunderNova

    [Reusable] Rocket jump! Now with self damage!

    The Rocket Jump in TF2 and Quake has a payoff for the great mobility: losing a fair amount of health. However, it'd be hard to work into SRB2 due to the way damage is taken.
  4. ThunderNova

    Metal Anyone v2 - Leave your Ability to Fate!

    Whereas in every other situation any other ability would be more useful (Hell, other abilities would be more useful in those situations too, like Air Drill in the "emergency save" situation). Plus, does score collecting even really matter with an add-on character?
  5. ThunderNova

    Metal Anyone v2 - Leave your Ability to Fate!

    But at the same time, the ability in itself is useless in every practice (it pulls or pushes enemies based on where you're located, which in a game that's focused on platforming and not enemies, is useless anyways, plus it doesn't do anything besides just push/pull them, so you can't even use it...
  6. ThunderNova

    Metal Anyone v2 - Leave your Ability to Fate!

    The character is great fun, but Silver's ability is the opposite. It serves absolutely no use other than to goof off with enemies, and since movement and platforming is kind of a major thing in SRB2, it makes the levels much harder. While that may be nice for people in need of a challenge, it...
  7. ThunderNova

    [Reusable] mt_squareshowdown - Small Square Match Map inspired by Meadow Match Zone

    I feel the bare minimum in creativity was used for this map. There's practically no detail, aside from some decoration things thrown around, and no interesting gimmicks. In fact, the most notable sections are a tie between the pools of water and the flower sections. It gets the job done, but...
  8. ThunderNova

    Frost Coppice Zone (r_frostcoppice) BIG UPDATE

    A map I made a while ago but have yet to release, Frost Coppice Zone! I have worked on this map for over a year and have dramatically improved its details from start to finish, only just recently resuming work on the level. There are very few errors, with the exception of a few graphical...
  9. ThunderNova

    [Reusable] f_FranticForest.wad (Frantic Forest Zone 2.0!)

    Actually, I am currently fixing the colormap problem. I'll probably edit this post when I finish. EDIT: Updated the .zip file.
  10. ThunderNova

    [Reusable] [SRB2 Riders] D00D Kart 64 - Mario Kart Level Pack!

    I assume by "Intended", you mean "meant" for the game mode. By that logic, every person should play as Sonic in any mode, as he was the only character originally intended for SRB2. Or, take it this way. No characters were intended for any of the multiplayer game modes, so why should they have...
  11. ThunderNova

    [Reusable] Custom Character Ability: Stomp Attack

    Wow, I remember when I thought of a character ability like this. Pretty cool.
  12. ThunderNova

    A simple FOF question.

    You know how checking the "Lower unpegged" flag on a linedef and putting a texture on the upper and lower middle of a Sector can create side textures like this: ? Well, I would like to know, is it possible to do the same thing to a Floor over Floor sector? I read the wiki and tried various...
  13. ThunderNova

    I need some teleporter help.

    Okay, so I'm trying to put a Teleporter similar to the function of the one in Spring Factory Zone (as seen in the latest contest as of this post), and I have the following set up: The Control Sector part 1 Control Sector part 2 Teleport Destination (The thing is the teleport thing)...
  14. ThunderNova

    [Reusable] f_FranticForest.wad (Frantic Forest Zone 2.0!)

    Since I can't submit this into the Monthly Contest again, I might as well release it. Anyways, here's the Changelog since aforementioned Contest: Got rid of the boring Stair section in-between the Bases and the Middle section, and replaced them with Super-fun-guaranteed Water sections! Got...
  15. ThunderNova

    f_MarioMadness.wad (Mushroom Madness Zone beta)

    After noticing nobody ever brought the concept of Mario levels to Multiplayer, I came up with some ideas, and eventually this level was born. The main gimmick of this map is the two routes: Above ground and underground. There are "Warp pipes" that take you in and out of Underground sections...
  16. ThunderNova

    Error in Srb2Doombuilder.

    I'm currently working on the map seen on my Deviantart, but there is one problem: Something is wrong with either my computer or Doombuilder. Now, what happens? Whenever I go to "Scripts" and select "Edit MAINCFG Lump...", this screen comes up: Clearly, there is an error, but I don't know...
  17. ThunderNova

    [Reusable] Bunnie.wad

    The wad looks cool, but to me, it just doesn't fit the "SRB2 style" that most other characters haves. Maybe it's the shading, or maybe how small her head is compared to other characters.
  18. ThunderNova

    [Reusable] Super Monitor! (supermonitor.wad)

    Knuckles goes super in Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Tails goes super with the Super Emeralds in Sonic 3 and knuckles, Blaze goes super (although she's called "Burning Blaze") in Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush: Adventure. So yes, the majority of Sonic characters that can go super are Hedgehogs, but other...
  19. ThunderNova

    [Reusable] Jade Gully Zone Act 1

    Wow, that level is better than I expected. I disliked how you used the same textures and how all the platforms were mostly square or circular, but over-all it was a good level. The emerald secret location takes a little long to get to, I suggest removing the water from the path you take to get...